‘Hypnotic movie’ ending explained: Review 2021


Release Date – September 27, 2021

Rating – 6.5/10

Director – Matt Angel, Suzanne Coote


  • Kate Siegel (Jenn Tompson)
  • Jason O’Mara (Dr Collin Meade)
  • Dulé Hill (Detective Wade Rollins)
  • Lucie Guest (Gina Kelman)
  • Jaime M. Calica (Brian Rawley)
  • Tanja Dixon-Warren (Dr Stella Graham)


The film Hypnotic depicts a doctor who, by hypnosis, misses people, and the sinister form of hypnosis is shown, he loved his wife very much, but when she dies, he used to control like-looking girls by hypnosis and tried to make them his wife.

Story Line

At the beginning of the movie Hypnotic a woman is shown, she gets a call in the elevator and then she gets scared, after that she feels like her elevator is closing, and she is about to die, and she screams.  K dies in that lift, while the camera shows that there was nothing inside the lift, the lift was normal, but the woman was acting strange and she had an attack.

On the other hand, there was a great party going on in a house. There a girl named Gina had given a party, she also invites her friend Jenn there, and also calls Jenn’s ex-boyfriend, whose name was Brian, at that party and  Many people came there, Jenn meets a doctor named Meade, Meade tells that I am a therapist.

Jenn was having trouble for a long time, due to breaking up with her boyfriend, then Gina tells that, once you go to Doctor Meade for therapy, he will completely relax you, and you will feel great, I am also going to him for a few days and now see, I am partying, and I have got my job, I am very happy, you also go and see, Gina says so.

Jenn goes to Doctor Meade for therapy, he gives a few weeks of therapy, then hypnosis controls Jenn, now Doctor Meade can make Jenn do anything, just with his voice  At the behest of Doctor Meade, Jenn invites her boyfriend Brian to dinner, and feeds him with poison.

Brian faints while vomiting, but Jenn was just sitting and watching him, but suddenly Jenn regains consciousness, and she rushes to the hospital with Brian, but Jenn had no recollection of how he mixed the poison and why.  Feeding, he could not understand anything, nor was he missing anything.

Jenn watches the news on TV and learns that something like this can be done by doing hypnosis, she suspects that Doctor Meade may have a hand, she goes to Gina, and together they find some evidence.  Collect and go to the police station.

There he meets Detective Rollins, Detective Rollins explains that Dr There is already three cases registered against Meade, he has hypnosis three girls, but the surprising thing is, all three of them have the same face, Dr Meade has many patients, but he does not hypnotise everyone, he hypnosis only a few people, but when he opened the file to find out the reason, I was pressurized from above that I should do this in my way.  Stop the research.

Detective Rollins says I’m going to start working on this again, but you guys take care of yourself, and Dr Keep a distance from Meade, on coming out of the police station, Gina tells that, Dr Meade did hypnosis on me once too, to force you to go to Dr Meade, I didn’t want you to go to Meade, but Meade forced me to say this by hypnosis.

Jenn goes to Meade again and turns on the recording of her mobile so she can hear what Meade says. During hypnosis, Jenn gets into her car and turns on the recording, then it’s in.  That, Meade, by hypnosis, took out all her information, Jenn tells Meade that, I doubt you, that’s why I am recording you.

Meade also asks if Gina knows about this, so Jenn clearly tells that, yes Gina has a hand in this too, she knows everything about you, Jenn feels that now  Meade will kill Gina, so she immediately calls Gina and asks her to return home, but Meade gets a call.

As soon as Gina picks up the phone, Meade hypnosis her with her voice, saying that this is the best time to end her life, and Gina hits her car directly with a truck, and Gina and her  Both husbands die, Meade sends a girl to kill Detective Rollins, she injures Rollins badly, but Rollins gets rid of her, Rollins is hospitalized for a few days  Turns out, Jenn was scared too, so she was staying with Rollins in the hospital.

Rollins explains that hypnosis is good and bad, Meade is using hypnosis in a bad way, but we go to a doctor who makes good use of hypnosis, he goes to a lady,  And she tries to extract the information that happened during hypnosis.

But she fails, because Meade is very professional, her illusion trap was very difficult to break, so that lady doctor put her code, she put it in Jenn’s mind, whenever you  If someone says I love you my life, then you understand that you are in control of Meade.

Meade told Jenn that, he learned this knowledge from his master, Jenn goes to his master, and when he reaches there, he meets Meade, Meade tells that, my dad is my master.  , and after he’s dead this house becomes mine, and he takes Jenn hostage.

Meade tells her that, your face and your scent are very similar to my wife, I want to make you my wife, I used to love my wife very much but she is now dead, so I want to give you her place  I love you so much, and I do it because I want to make a girl who looks like my wife my own.

Detective Rollins calls Jenn close, Jenn was in hypnosis, she tells me I’m in Meade’s office, Detective Rollins reaches Meade’s office with some forces, but Meade isn’t there, then Rollins says, Jenn where are you, you are within the hypnosis, you take a good look at the world around you, and tell where you are  Was.

Jenn tells Detective Rollins again that, I’m at Meade’s house, which is named after her dad, you get there as quickly as possible by finding out the address, Detective Rollins gets there, followed by Meade’s and Rollins’s a nice one.  The fight ensues, as Jenn approaches Detective Rollins to help him, Meade just tells her voice command,  Jenn, you go to sleep, and Jenn falls asleep, but Jenn faints at the gun.  He picks it up and shoots it, but he does not see on whom the bullet has hit.

Jenn regains consciousness and sees that Rollins is sitting next to her, Rollins lays her on her lap and says, don’t you worry, Meade is dead, I am with you, I love you my darling, but that lady doctor had put it in Jenn’s mind that, when someone tells you I love you my life, then you understand that you are in control of Meade.

Jenn picks up a glass bottle and hits Meade on the head while she thinks she’s hitting Rollins, but it was Meade, she runs to Rollins, she sees Rollins hitting her.  Got shot, Rollins says what did you do, you shot me instead of Meade, back and forth Meade also comes to catch Jenn, but Jenn takes out the gun tied to Rollins’ leg, indiscriminately.  She fires bullets at Meade, killing Meade.

What was Dr Xavier Sullivan’S quote in the movie hypnotic?

After a few days everything is back to normal, Jenn gets to work, Rollins gets a promotion, and Rollins calls her one day and gives Jenn a gift that says sleep well, self-hypnosis and right here  But the film ends.


The hypnotic film is made in a great way, despite there being no fight scene in any film, it is such a great film hypnotic, the film is made very well, because the film will not confuse you at all, despite having so much mystery, the film  It starts to make sense from the first couple of minutes, you will not need to put much brain in it.

Showing the dangerous effect of hypnotic in the film, people have also been made aware, hypnotic film is so mysterious that, except for the first ten minutes, the thrill remains constant throughout the film, all the characters of the film are very (‘Titane’ (2021) ending explained with review) spectacular  handjob.

The hypnotic movie is full 1 hour 29 minutes but it is full money value movie, I liked this movie very much and I enjoyed it very much, I want you to watch it too, I hope you will like the movie.

Answer – The memories planted in the mind, given the right amount of care and attention, will blossom into a whole new reality, whole new life.

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