‘Titane’ (2021) ending explained with review


Release Date – October 8, 2021  

Rating – 6/10  

Director – Julia Ducournau  


  • Vincent Lindon  (Captain)
  • Agathe Rousselle (Alexia / Adrien) 
  • Garance Marillier (Justine) 
  • Laïs Salameh (Rayane)  


The movie Titane depicts the story of a girl named Alexia, whose forehead is caused by an accident with a titanium plate inserted inside her head, after which she falls in love with titanium things, like a car.  She gets pregnant, and the car makes her pregnant (it’s a bit strange, but it’s so) and she has a baby boy, who is made of both man and titanium.  

Story Line  

The movie Titane begins with a little girl who was travelling in a car with her dad, sitting in the back seat and doing evil acts, to which her dad gets furious, and tries to stop her.  Due to which he gets into an accident, his car hits the divider and the girl’s head hits the car hard, due to which her head explodes, in the hospital by putting a titanium plate on her forehead, she is stopped.  He was imprisoned because his bone was broken.  

Since then that girl falls in love with titanium, she comes to his car and starts kissing him, she loved the car because the car is made of titanium, after that she grows up, and a club  I show my show by dancing on top of the car, she was very hot so the boys liked her a lot.  

Alexia was very beautiful but her mind was so dirty, she used to kill people like a demon, she had lost love for humans, she didn’t find it hard to kill humans, a guy got her autograph comes and he falls for her, tries to kiss her, at which point Alexia pulls out a knife from her joint and sticks it in her ear.  

kills her, and goes back to her home, she didn’t even talk to her dad and mom, she wasn’t happy with them because after she got the titanium plate, she only loved titanium, humans  No, Alexia would kill any person she had sex with, she wouldn’t even spare her friends, she would kill everyone, she goes to the hotel one day, there 8-10  brutally kills people, after that she comes home on the run.  

She sees that her dad is watching all this, she has blood on her head, she locks her dad and mom in a room and sets it on fire, and runs away, she has sex with a car.  When she does, (it’s a bit strange but she gets pregnant too) motor oil starts pouring out of her body instead of blood.  

Alexia gets posters of Wanted all over the place at the airport, train station, so she cuts off her hair and disguises her as a boy, breaking off her nose, and wearing an all-in-one to hide her body.  Tie it with a cloth, so that no one can understand.  

She sees news that a 10-year-old boy has been missing for a few years, and the search for him is still on, so Alexia walks into that house and takes the form of that child, Vincent thinks it’s real.  My son, goes crazy seeing her, he can’t stop his joy, and takes very good care of her, always keeps her with him, Vincent was the head office of a fire brigade company.  

Alexia lived in a room, and she was not letting Vincent know that she was not a boy but a girl. She hides it for a long time, but when her belly starts to grow slowly, she tells this thing.  She was not able to hide, because motor oil starts falling from her whole body.   Vincent finally realizes that he’s not its guy, but he says never mind, you stay with me, I’ll keep you as my boy, no matter who you are, I don’t care, before  Alexia also tries to kill Vincent several times, but now Alexia has some faith in humanity, seeing Vincent’s love.  

The day finally comes when her baby is about to come out, Alexia pushes hard but her baby won’t come out, her stomach is about to explode, then she turns to Vincent, with her body full, and  She folds her hands in front of Vincent and says that you please help me.  

I love you very much, after that Vincent helps to get that child out of Alexia’s stomach, but while taking out the child, Alexia dies, and the child comes out, Vincent is quite shocked to see the child,  Because that child’s body was made of platinum as well as human skin, the bones of his spine are looking like platinum, Vincent lies down with that child, and says I will never leave your side, because of this  With this the film ends.  

What streaming service has or will have the movie titan coming out on October 1st 2021? 


A huge amount of sexual content has been shown in the movie Titane, so only those people who are adults should watch this film, the painful story has been shown in the film, how can a person give himself so much pain, in this film himself  It is shown to be very simple to inject, amputate one’s limbs, brutally kill others, which might not be possible in real life.  

While watching the film, I felt that I should leave this film, because some scenes were being shown in such a way that, even the viewer feels the pain, the way it is shown in the film.  The story is quite spectacular, but it seems a bit strange (The Wolf and the lion (2021) | movie review) that a car makes a person pregnant in it.  

The sexual content is shown in Titane in such a way that you can’t watch movies with family, neither can you watch movies together in society, but I saw this movie alone, and I liked it a lot, I want  You must also see.

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