The Wolf and the lion

The Wolf and the lion (2021) | movie review

The Wolf and the Lion

Release Date – October 13, 2021 

⭐⭐⭐ – 6/10 

Director – Gilles de Maistre


  • Molly Kunz (Alma)
  • Graham Greene (Joe)
  • Charlie Carrick (Eli)
  • Derek Johns (Charles)
  • Rhys Slack (Rapha)


The Wolf and the lion movie name suggests that it is telling the story of a wolf and a lion, but this story is very interesting, this wolf and the lion are raised by a girl from childhood, who lives in the city.  I have grown up, who had never even touched them, she supports them like parents, and in the midst of all this, there are many difficulties and many problems, this is shown in the film. 

Story Line

TheWolf and the Lion movie begins with a girl named Alma playing the reed organ, she is preparing for a competition, for the Los Angeles film Harmonic, when she gets a call that her grandfather is dead.  Well done, his grandfather lived on an island, he had bought an island of his own and lived there alone with some of his companions. 

Alma goes to her grandfather’s island, and stays there for a day or two, her grandfather left a message for her on mobile, in which he tells her that a wolf is his girlfriend, she lives in this house.


Suddenly it rains a lot in the night, due to which a plane crashes in that forest, on the next day in the morning Alma goes to that place and sees that there is a small lion baby in a box, that lion’s child has to be caught by someone.  Being taken to the circus, she picks up the lion cub and brings it to the house.

She also meets some hunters on the way, she sees that the hunters are going to hunt a very beautiful wolf, after driving away those hunters also bring that wolf to her home, that wolf brings her baby in a while, There are total 4 people in the house, two wolves an Alma and a cub of a lion. 

Alma moves to the city to fulfil her competition, she has made a window in the house so that the lion and the wolf can come out, but the hunters take away the beautiful wolves when she is not there, Alma completes her competition, wins there too, and is offered a job, but she thinks a lot that if I do the job, what will happen to those wolf cubs and that lion cub, so she quits the job.  By doing, it returns to all three. 

When Alma reaches home, she sees that there is a wolf cub and a lion cub, but the wolf itself is missing, she searches all over the forest, but the wolf is not found, she learns that it may have been a victim, and  Picked up from the hunter, Alma takes care of the two little animals like her own children, spending the whole day in it, singing, feeding them, taking them for walks, they have become part of a family.

It was the personal island of Alma, so no one was allowed from there to take anything, but one day a girl was plucking flowers there after getting off the boat, but as soon as the wolf and the lion saw it, they would have run it.  When Alma runs after them to stop them, Alma’s foot slips and she falls into the stone next to her head, causing her to faint. 

Joe, a friend of Alma’s grandfather, did not like that these two animals should be with Alma, so he used to call Alma daily to inquire about her condition, but when Alma was unconscious, he could not talk, on this Joe had to Suspect that the animals might have done something wrong with Alma, he goes to find Alma, and he finds that Alma is unconscious and the two animals are sitting next to her. 

They are both grown enough, Joe gets angry, he calls the forest officer and gets them both imprisoned and sent out, it takes 3 to 4 days for Alma to regain consciousness, by then the wolves and  The lion is separated from the two, the wolf is taken to a research centre because it was a very special wolf, its species was no longer found, and the lion is put in a circus.

As soon as Alma regains consciousness, she goes out to find the two animals, but she does not find the wolf and the lion anywhere, she returns to her home disappointed, but a few days later she gets a call from the hunter.  The one whom Alma had driven away earlier from his island, he tells that I brought your wolf, but he turned out to be very smart, he ran away from my grip, you tell me where he can run. 

Alma tells that he must have gone to his brother, his brother is a lion, that hunter tells that he can’t run away from me because I have censored that wolf, the wolf goes to the circus a lot where the lion was, he chases the lion away with him to his home, the circus owner chases him and shoots him in the woods, the wolf himself appears to save the lion, and is shot  Is.


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The boy from the owner of the circus didn’t want it all, he wanted it to go back to where it belonged, so he quietly puts the censor in his bag, so that they come to me looking for people and I tell their address  Doon, Alma and the hunter reach that circus guy’s boy with the help of that sensor, the circus guy’s boy tells that, he is lying in a forest, the wolf has been shot, so he can’t go anywhere are getting.

On the other hand, when the wolf and the lion were running from the forest, they had passed through a residential area, so everyone had called the forest department, so the forest department was also looking for those lions and wolves, and they got the order that  Shoot them wherever he sees them. 

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The boy of the circus takes the wolf and the lion to Alma and the same hunter, the hunter also understands that I did it wrong, separating these two, both of them are very much in love, they plan that someone  In this way, they should be transported to that private island of Alma as soon as possible. 

Alma gives medicine to the wolf and takes the lion and the wolves to her island from a cave the police did not even know about, and they both reach their place, in their old home.

When people learn the story of the wolf and the lion, they are very impressed, their friendship is discussed far and wide, so Alma throws a great party in the joy of their return, where people come and enjoy a lot, with this the film ends. 


The Wolf and the Lion movie is giving an emotional touchup, the love between humans and animals, when someone you live with for so many years you get emotionally touch with them, you don’t see that he is an animal  Ya man, you love him so much, and he becomes a part of one of your family, this movie is very special for pet lovers.

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Action, Thriller, Mystery Nothing in the film, the film is very special because it shows a kind of love which is in a very special way, even if you do not love animals.  If you watch this movie, then somewhere in your heart love for animals will start coming, the cooperation of two animals was also shown in the film in a very great way, which I liked very much, I want you to see it too, very  It’s a wonderful film.

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