Invisible Alien

Invisible Alien (2021) | alien origin movie | Movie Review

Invisible Alien 

Release Date – August 31, 2021  

Rating – 3/10  

Director – Jintao Lu, Dawei Zhang 


  • Wu Jiao (Yin)
  • Shengwen Ruan (Seven [A.I.])
  • Xia Wang  


In the movie Invisible Alien, some scientists are sent away from Earth, to research aliens they used to call Messenger, but the scientist’s gravity is not understood by them, so there is an accident, and  There some aliens also attack, due to which everyone is killed, only one of them scientist comes back, asking the whole story, this is shown in the film.  

Story Line  

The Invisible Alien story begins with some scientists on an earthspace, some scientists went there for research, but they could not get out, because they could not understand the gravity there if there is anyone out there.  If it were, he would fly in the air in such a way that he could not get into the ground, he also carried a robot with him, the robot was very intelligent, and he was often engaged in saving them.   But one day suddenly there is an attack of some Alien, there the Alien used to attack in such a way that they used to spread some virus from the air, due to which everyone’s mouth started bleeding and they died. 

Almost all the scientists die once Alien attacks, but a girl who was a scientist was asleep, so she survives, because she got used to sleeping when she came out of Earth, and that  Messenger, she had to sleep for a long time, so she got used to sleeping, again and again, so she fell asleep, and is saved, from Alien’s blows.  

But when she wakes up there was no one alive, she goes to that robot, that robot was also injured, but she recovers that robot, and the robot gets up again and stands up, only then because of gravity. 

Because a glass of their rocket breaks, and an alien comes in from the same side.   Alien looked like a human, but he was walking and running like an animal, he was very dangerous, and wherever he laid his hands, the mud would spread everywhere, and he would eat people  But that scientist runs towards her engine after saving her life, and starts the engine of the rocket so that she can get out of here.  

But Alien also reaches there, was about to kill that girl, then that robot comes there, and the robot saves her, but later the robot tells that, I am doing all this, and I am just here to tell you  I’ll let you out because you made me, and that robot sends that scientist girl to Earth.  


Watching Invisible Alien movie is like solving a puzzle, after watching this movie you might not be able to understand, what this film is trying to tell, or what it is trying to show, and after watching this movie maybe I understand  I have seen that, what is the difference between the whole world and China, the Chinese may think the opposite, (“Rumba Love” ending explained। Review 2021) or walk with the opposite mind.  

This film has been made in many parts, there is also a little scary scene in this film, but the movie is lousy, this movie is only for 1 hour, but while watching I felt like I was unconscious for two and a half hours  Yes, the movie is so useless, I didn’t enjoy watching this movie at all, this movie completely disappoints and I want you also not to watch this movie otherwise you too will be wasting a whole hour.

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