Rumba Love

“Rumba Love” ending explained। Review 2021

Rumba Love  

Release Date – September 24, 2021  

Rating – 5.5/10  

Director – Guillermo Iván  


  • Guillermo Iván (Nicolas)
  • Zair Montes (Telmaris)
  • Ilean Almaguer (Selma)
  • Ed Trucco (Jim)
  • Osvaldo de León (Celso)
  • Alfredo Diaz (Bob Arenas)  


Rumba Love tells the story of two friends, a Cuban American Rumba singer, who together dream that they’ll sing in New York, but before all that happens they end up with a friend and many more.  Come to the challenges, this film is also quite emotional, although he does everything to fulfil his friend’s dream, which his friend thought, for all this, he has to face huge troubles. 

Story Line 

The movie Rumba Love begins with a boy named Nicolas, who used to earn money by singing some songs on the street, but he used to keep a bundle before singing the song and sing a song by lighting a candle in front of that bundle.  I had the ashes of his friend’s pyre, he always talked to that bundle, and kept some stone pieces in his hand, whenever he threw a stone and all the stones fell upside down, he would understand that my friend wanted that I don’t, and when the stone falls straight, he knows that my friend wants me to do so. 

Nicolas used to earn money by singing in the street, but he was not satisfied, because his friend’s dream was to go to New York to sing, one day he meets a man named Bob, he says that my music production in New York  House, I’ll get you a job there, and you can stay with me, he assures and takes Nicolas to New York. 

Nicolas’s friend was Celso, he also had a girlfriend, but after Celso is over, she moves to New York and now starts liking Nicolas, sharing a bed with him once. 

Nicolas arrives in New York City, and goes to the producer’s house, discovering that he is a dishonest person, and he does not live there, his wife threatens him and drives him away, after which Nicolas is thrown into a park.  The night has to be passed, the next day Nicolas calls Celso’s girlfriend, her name was Telmaris, Telmaris comes and spends some time with her, feeding her. 

But Nicolas says, I have a place to stay, and he leaves, but as he leaves, he tells me to take the ashes of Celso’s funeral pyre, and I talk to him, on which Telmaris  Very angry, and says you have gone mad, you go away from me, what is this nonsense, now he is dead, now he cannot come back. 

Nicolas used to live in the park, but he was harassed by the beggars there too, they took away all his money, and one day his bags and belongings are also taken away, after running after the beggars for a long time, he takes away the ashes of his friend.  He finds those who ran away with the beggars.

Nicolas’ friend Celso has told that his dad lives in New York, but he never comes to pick him up, probably because he doesn’t like them, Nicolas goes to Celso’s dad and tells me all about you.  I know, you have a son who lives in Cuba, whose name is Celso, and he is dead, and I have his ashes. 

. Movie Review

Celso’s dad’s name was Jim, Jim is annoyed to hear this, says I want to forget those old things, and drives Nicolas out of there, but when Nicolas comes in front of his club to sing that year-old song sings, which Jim used to recite to his son, Jim begins to cry, and he goes and brings Nicolas to his house. 

Jim tells Nicolas that, I forgot the old things, but I still love my son, and my son is no more so you are my son, then Nicolas tells me that, Celso has a girlfriend too, who lives in New York, Jim calls her, and the three together shed Celso’s ashes.“The Consequences” ending explained | Review, 

Nicolas then starts singing at Jim’s big club, and his life improves, as he can’t get over his friend’s death, but when he finds a father, as well as a father.  Found a new girlfriend, Celso’s formally accepts all this and starts living a happy life, and the movie ends. 


Rumba Love is an emotional movie, in which a friend had so much belief in his friend, which is rarely seen in real life, action is not shown in the movie at all, Rumba love is a bit romantic, most of the scenes in the movie are emotional  But the film will confuse in the beginning, because in the beginning it is not understood what the boy is talking about, but after a while, it is understood that the boy used to talk to his friend’s ashes. 

If you want to watch Hot Loving movie then, this can be good for you, but there is nothing like mystery in it, it just shows the problems faced in a person’s life, I liked Rumba love movie, but I will not force you to watch it at all, because there is only one reason to watch it, the film is very emotional, but there is nothing new in the film, which you can remember for a long time.

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