The consequences

“The Consequences” ending explained | Review,

The consequences

Release Date – 11 June 2021 (Spain)

Rating – 3.5/10

Director – Claudia Pinto


  • Juana Acosta (Fabiola)
  • Alfredo Castro
  • Hector Alterio
  • Carme Elias
  • Sonia Almarcha
  • Maria Romanillos (Gabi)


The Consequences The movie depicts a family battling with their past, hiding everything from each other, and in all this, their entire family is troubled, perhaps what we consider to be the most special. , He is doing something wrong by lying to us, He is taking advantage of our innocence, but we would not have known anything about all these.

Story Line

The Consequences The movie begins with Fabiola, who is thinking about her husband while sitting in a school, her husband drowns in the sea due to an accident, that too in front of her, telling him the same old things over and over again. miss you

Fabiola Moves To Her Dad’s House Her Dad Lived On An Island In His Old House But Her Mother Didn’t Live With Her Dad Because They Didn’t Get Along, Fabiola That Mom Dad Didn’t Get Along, it was not their personal life, but there was a lot of difference in their thinking, she knew the bad thinking of Fabiola’s dad.

Fabiola’s daughter’s name was Gabi, she also had a boyfriend, she used to talk to her boyfriend, and spend time with him, but Gabi used to keep this thing hidden from her mother, but her grandfather told all this. I knew, but her grandfather would never tell all this to her mother because she liked to see him himself.

What is happening with Gabi in the present, also happened with Fabiola in the past, which the whole family together was hiding this fact, which Fabiola did not know, one day Gabi was going to have a physical relationship with her boyfriend. When her grandfather comes there, she runs away from her boyfriend, asks her grandfather, why have you come here, and what are you seeing, he tells that I like to see you.

Gabi tells this to her mother, Fabiola is very angry with her Dad’s action, and tells her mother, her mother tells that that’s why I live apart from your dad, and their whole family It is because this is what is happening to Gabi today, it has happened to you a few days ago, when you were very young, your grandfather used to do all this with you, Fabiola knew her dad’s bad thinking, she leaves with her daughter, and the film ends.


The consequences The movie is shown to be quite slow, and a short story is forcibly stretched so long as to make the film boring, the film could have been presented in a better way, and the last 10 minutes of the film I understand that, what the film wants to tell, there are some unnecessary scenes in the film, which will confuse the viewer more, and proper introduction has not been done of any family member, due to which there is a lot of problem in understanding. Is.

In an attempt to force the film to be mysterious, it has made it so uncertain, that it is very difficult to understand the film, this movie is made by a film critic, but I think that maybe that story hides the shortcomings of this film Forgot to reveal it. Netflix’s “Escape the Undertaker” Ending Explained with Reviews 2021

I did not like this film at all, because there is no reason to drag it so long if the story is of one line, then I kept waiting for the whole film that something new will come, or something will come which will help to understand the film. It will be easy, but the film was the same till the end, the way it started, very bad, I will not recommend this film for you to watch.