Sounds like love

Sounds Like love – Ending Explained With Reviews 2021

Sounds like love

Release Date – September 29, 2021

Rating – 5.5/10

Director – Juana Macías


  • Maria Valverde (Maca)
  • lex González (Leo)
  • Elisabet Casanovas (Jimena)
  • Susana Abaitua (Adriana)
  • Miri Pérez-Cabrero (Pipa)
  • Eva Ugarte (Raquel)
  • Ignacio Montes (Samuel)
  • Artur Busquets (Jorge)


The movie Sounds like love is about three cool girls who are very eager to have a physical relationship, but it’s always the opposite, none of the three find a good partner, and all three share their problems. By hiding them, they are engaged in making each other happy.

Story Line

Sounds like love The movie starts with three girls, their name is Maca, Jimena, Adriana, Maca’s boss name is Pipa, she is a social media influencer, and she always annoys Maca, Maca also thought That her boss does not respect her, she disrespects her in front of everyone, so she was looking for jobs in other places.

Jimena had a boyfriend, but once her boyfriend dies in an accident, since then she looks for her boyfriend among other boys, has a relationship with them, and lives for a few days, but her habits don’t match with her boyfriend. She leaves him.

Adriana marries a guy, but that guy was very stupid, he wanted a man who would be ready to have sex day and night at any time, but he was a very lazy person, so he had to separate Different partners had to be found in different places to fulfill their lust.

Maca also had a boyfriend, but he leaves her afterward, Maca tries to avenge him by slandering him, even fighting with him, but was so desperate that, whenever they both are alone in a room When they met, they used to kiss each other while fighting.

When Maca’s boyfriend left him, he got a scholarship. In college, he leaves Maca for money and goes abroad, and a few years later came back and apologized to Maca, living with her. The opposite happens in the last stop, Maca gets an offer from a big company to work in Paris, and Maca leaves her boyfriend again and goes to Paris for a job, but Maca offers him Gives that, you left without telling me, but I’m going to tell you if you want to walk you can walk with me, but I won’t stop for you, and the movie ends.


In Sounds like love, open-minded girls will be seen, these girls are quite cool, the story has been put very lightly in this film, otherwise, the film could have been better, or we can say that it is a story less movie, but still, A good content will be seen, there is a lot of bold scenes in the film, there are also such scenes which only adults can watch.

If you are tired of watching action, thrillers, mystery movies, then you must watch this movie because you will not have to put your mind while watching this movie, this movie is completely open and made in a very simple way, I liked this movie, and I want you to watch it too because after watching this movie you will feel completely light in mind for some time.


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