The warrior from sky

The Warrior from Sky (2021) | Chinese movie Review

The warrior from Sky


  • Li Mingxuan
  • Zhang Di (Ruoshui)
  • Ci Sha (Chen Nan)


The warrior from the sky depicts the story of a king and his minister being deceived, most of the battles in this film are fought by magic occult spells. Fighting scenes are all done by magic, one is divine without touching anyone. Kills by powers.


In The warrior from the sky it is shown that there lives a king and also has a minister, the minister has a son, there was also a grandmaster in that kingdom, who can destroy that kingdom from any mishap or divine powers. He used to save, that kingdom had never been settled before, he often killed a king and took away his kingdom, similarly, they all worked together.

The king had a daughter, and the king had a bow, which no common man could wield, and no war could be lost with that bow, that bow had strange powers that touched it, There was a lot of power in him.

The king’s minister thinks that if I take this bow after killing the king, then no one will be able to defeat me, I will become the king of this kingdom, in this affair, he tries to kill the king, but to save the king For the first 10,000 people fighting for heaven come.

Although he did not know that he had taken part in a war 10,000 years ago, he did realize that he used to fight once in a while, and one day he suddenly comes and picks up the bow, and takes a bow from it. kills the man so that the king’s daughter finds out that this man is truly divine, and that he is a special person.

One day suddenly the minister comes with his son, and attacks the king, that person was also there near the king, he understands the minister’s policy, he knew that he was running for the bow. , and it picks up the bow and kills the minister and his son.

But it was not only the minister’s hand in this work, the grandmaster asks the minister to do all this work, when the grandmaster comes to know that the minister was killed by some boy, he himself comes to kill the king. Yes, Grand Master was about to kill Raja, when that boy reaches, the boy tries to save Raja but Grand Master kills him too.

The king’s daughter remembers that whoever touches that bow can be alive again, so her girl gives that bow to that boy, as soon as the boy finds the bow he comes back to his original incarnation. , just as he had protected the gods 10000 years ago, he comes into his terrifying form, like a dragon, and kills the Grand Master right there.

After the Grand Master dies, the king marries his daughter to the boy and the film ends.


The warrior from Sky is a lousy movie, because it doesn’t have a good story, no good script, and the action is completely third class, most of the battles are used by powers or some VFX. There is no power in this and the movie is only for 1 hour, in which you will not understand half an hour, and when you understand after half an hour, the movie is over, I will not comment on this film at all. For, because this movie as a whole is a fine sample of Time Waste.


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