Nightbooks Ending Explained With Review 2021


Release Date – 15 September 2021 (U.K)

Director – David Yarovsky

Rating – Filmyreveal will give 5.8 points out of 10 to NightBooks, this point is being given after watching the movie and making a correct assessment based on film Critics and 30 theatre viewers, indicating “Genuine review”.


  • Winslow Fegley (Alex)
  • Lidya Jewett (Yasmin)
  • Krysten Ritter (Natacha)


Nightbooks is a horror movie in which 2 children and a ghost are shown, the ghost loves to listen to the story, so he catches the children who write the story or can tell the story well, the ghost as long as the children tell the story Till then the ghost does not harm them anything and gets everything done at their behest, but as soon as a child does evil, or does not tell the story, she used to kill him or make a small puppet.

Story Line

Nightbooks begins with the birthday of a child whose name is Alex, and he is 12 years old, Alex loved to write ghost stories, and he also loved to tell them, he was very fond of ghosts but he was in the trap of ghosts. didn’t know her, or was afraid of them, that’s why no one was friends with her and no kids came to her birthday party, Alex is deeply saddened by this and decides that she can now tell such a story. will not write, and will burn that copy of his Nightbooks, in which he used to write Daily stories,

On the day of his birthday, he goes to the lift of his house and as soon as the lift opens down, he lives in another building, which meant that all of a sudden the lift reached a building he had never been to, And he sees a movie going on in a room where the cake was placed on the table, he goes to that room to eat the cake, and as soon as he eats the cake he faints.

Alex regains consciousness then he was in a house he had never been to before, he meets a girl named Yasmin, both of them were almost the same age, Yasmin tells that now you are also imprisoned like me, we have been kidnapped by a ghost named Natacha, and she will make us all do her work, and we have to walk and tell her stories, I cook for her, and you have to tell her the story every night if you like the story If you do not listen, you will be killed.

Yasmin takes Alex to a big library which was a huge library, and a library that was thousands of years old, Yasmin tells that Natacha has heard all this story, now she needs a new story, and you have to write, Alex new every day – Writes new stories, and listened to Natacha after dinner, but now she didn’t have the idea, Natacha wanted a story that had a bad ending, but Alex always wrote stories that had a good ending Be.

Due to which Alex had to be killed every day, one day Alex finds a book in the library, on which someone had written that, how to run away from here, medicine will have to be made and the ghost will have to be fed, as soon as the ghost She will take medicine, she will faint and can run away with her key.

Yasmin and Alex both work together on the same plan, and after knocking Natacha unconscious, take the key and run away from the door, but after coming to some distance they find that he did not come out, but has gone inside, And have reached the ghostly place. He had opened the wrong door, because of which, and he is badly trapped.

Then they see a palace at a distance, both of them go inside, the cake is seen on going inside, and as soon as they eat the cake, both of them faint, after some time Natacha also reaches there and both wake up from unconsciousness. When they leave, Alex sees that there is a corpse lying in the box and some smoke is pouring out of it and filling it into a box, and smelling it, Natacha shows her magic, meaning Natacha doesn’t have magic, she The smoke is awesome.

How old is Alex Mosher in nightbooks ?

How long was the boy missing in nightbooks Netflix movie?

Alex asks Natacha what is this all about, Natacha tells that I too came here a few years back like you, and I was kidnapped by this witch, but I imprisoned this witch in it, and I can’t use her powers. as the smoke, can put this witch to sleep as long as you tell it a story every day, when if it doesn’t tell stories it will wake up, and kill everyone, I tell stories to calm it down I listen.

Natacha says now you must tell the story quickly or else this witch will wake up, Alex narrates the story and suddenly drops it in half while telling the story, so that this witch wakes up and kills Natasha, suddenly the witch cannot break out of the box. comes, and kills Natasha, and chases Alex and Yasmin, Alex and Yasmin run away, but Yasmin while running takes the box of smoke that Natacha smelled and used to show her magic.

Yasmin pours that smoke over herself and takes the power of that witch inside her, and with the help of that power she opens the door and comes out, and together with Alex also comes out, both come into the same elevator The old witch follows Alex and Yasmin back to where they disappeared, and she goes to the elevator. Now after getting out of the elevator, Alex and Yasmin take her to the Boiler Room, they know that If this witch is to be killed, it has to be burnt in a boiler.

When the witch was about to kill Yasmin, Alex starts telling stories, and takes the story to an Interesting mode and falls silent, at which the witch shouts to tell me more stories quickly, tell me what will happen next, Upon which Alex throws that book into the boiler, which means throws it into the burning fire, the witch jumps into that fire to save the book, and as soon as it jumps, Yasmin closes its gate, Yasmin and Together, Alex locks the gate, causing the witch to burn to death in the same fire.


After which Alex and Yasmin go to their respective homes, but the movie doesn’t end here, Nightbooks Part 2 may come soon, as it shows Natasha coming back to life, with only her hand visible. This proves that NightBooks part 2 will definitely come.


Nightbooks is a horror film, but it is often seen that sexual content is also promoted along with horror, but nothing is shown in it, although the film is not so scary, you can easily watch it at night, The film will be quite interesting for half an hour of the beginning, but can also feel very boring for some time in the middle, in most parts of the Nightbooks.

children are shown, and they are also playing the lead role of this film, in the last scene of Nightbooks when the witch is killed, then there is no logic shown there because it is not possible to kill the witch in this way, she cannot be killed like a normal human being, which in this movie As shown, Nightbooks is an average movie, you can watch it but I will never highly recommend it because nothing so special and new is shown in the film.

Answer 2 – The boy disappears at the beginning of the movie and is imprisoned for about a week

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