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Monkey king movies | Monkey king: the one and only 2021

Monkey King: the one and only


  • Han Dian Chen (Monkey king)
  • Shao Yun (fox Demon sister)
  • Zhao Xiaokun (Tang Seng)


In the movie Monkey King: The one and only, despite the powers he had, he couldn’t use it, because his master didn’t believe in fighting, he spoke lovingly and explained like that, and that’s why That everyone has to face trouble.

Story Line

Monkey King: The one and only begins with a fight where Monkey King was killing people badly, but then Master reaches there, Master tries to stop Monkey King but Monkey King does not stop, on which The master starts chanting the mantra and the Monkey King faints.

One day some people come to the Master, and he had become a Demon, he was fed something that made him a Demon, and all this Demon fox was doing, Demon fox had a fight with the gods, so he Something was being made to feed the people so that people would fight with the gods too. Demon fox’s sister was good, but demon fox repeatedly refreshed his sister’s memory, forgetting all the old things, so she could not understand anything.

One day the Monkey King started killing some Demons, then the Master decided that the Monkey King would not stay with me, because it is not following our rules, the Monkey King separates from the Master.

Just then the Master is captured by the Demon fox, and the Monkey King meets the Demon fox’s sister, Demon Sister really wanted to meet the Monkey King because she knew that if anyone could end this war, it was Monkey King. Is.

The Monkey King goes to Demon Fox to rescue the Master, but Demon Fox is not ready to leave, so Demon Fox’s Sister and the Monkey King come up with a plan.

Demon fox, freed Mao from the gods, imprisoned him in a hand-wearing chain, he finds the hand-wearing Demon sister, he could not get out but could speak, he says that if the Monkey king needs his old If power is needed, then the beads of this hand ware have to be broken.

Monkey king wears that handwear and fights with people due to which all those pearls break, Monkey king comes in his old costume as soon as pearl breaks Demon sister promised Monkey king while wearing that handwear Said that you would not kill my brother, and the Monkey king agreed.

Monkey king kills Demon fox as soon as he comes in his avatar Demon sister goes to Monkey king and starts killing him, says you promised not to kill my brother, then how can you do this.

Monkey king laughs and tells that, I am not Monkey king, I am Mao and I killed your brother because he imprisoned me in handwear, I have used Monkey king’s body then his soul The master has called to him.

But the master sends the Monkey king’s soul to Mao to fight, and very easily the Monkey king kills Mao, and his spirit enters the Monkey king’s body again, and the Monkey king movie This is where it ends.


Monkey King: The one and only movie people are watching just because, its first 2 movies proved to be a huge hit, but nothing like this will be seen in this film because it showed Monkey king as an ordinary person Well, neither the story has any power, nor the fighting is good, I will not recommend it at all, this film is a good example of time waste according to me. (Thank you)


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