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la bóveda | The Vault Movie Ending Explained (2021)

The Vault (Way Down) 2021

Release Date – 12.Nov.2021 (Spain)

Director – Jaume Balagueró


  • Freddie Highmore (Thom)
  • Astrid Bergès-Frisbey (Lorraine)
  • Sam Riley
  • Liam Cunningham (Walter)
  • Luis Tosar ( Simon)


The vault movie depicts some thieves who use their brains so cleverly that they steal a 70-year-old coin kept in a Spanish bank, that vault was impossible to break, but only 6 more together make it possible


The vault movie begins with Thom, a college student, he was a very sharp-minded student. Recently he solved the problem of oil leakage in the Mexican Gulf, so he was getting job offers from big companies, but all of them Thom was sitting in the restaurant with his dad at night, his dad was angry at him, why he is not choosing any job while he is getting the salary he asked for.

Just then a message comes on his mobile that sauce has fallen on your shirt, he sees that someone is watching him, then a waiter comes and wears him a jacket, there was a letter inside that jacket, there was an address on it Thom there There she meets a girl named Lorraine, she takes Thom to another restaurant where she meets 50-year-old Walter.

Walter says that he needs a girl like you who is sharp-minded, as well as a science engineer, Walter tells that we steal, but not for money, to fulfill his hobby, Walter Spain flight tickets Gives to Thom and leaves, and on his way says he does only those things with us that make the impossible possible.

Thom reaches Spain after thinking for a few days, Thom joins Walter’s group. There are 6 people in total. In the whole team, Walter shows some evidence and tells that we have to steal three coins from the bank of Spain, We know where they are kept, but we do not know how to open the vault in which the coin is kept.

On the day of the Spain Football World Cup semi-finals Lorraine, Thom, and Simon are sent to the bank to see the complete setup of the bank, they simply go there as a cleaner and go about their work, Simon takes control of the entire CCTV. The fellow hacker gives it to Klavs, Klaus was a very big hacker, he had hacked the CCTV of the bank with the help of his hacking, which he used to show what he wanted.

Lawrence scans the two keys to the vault, seeing how the Thom vault was built, with the help of a scanner that could scan across the wall, Thom explains where he kept the coin. Gaya there is a certain amount of weight, if the weight there is even 10 grams up and down, then the whole vault will be submerged in water and the person living inside it will never be able to come out.

Thom sketches the vault a lot, and wonders how to steal the vault so that it doesn’t weigh down, and when tired, paints Lorraine’s painting, Lorraine sees that Thom likes it. Also liked Thom. Walter’s team included a guy named James who was previously in the British Army, but now retired and serving with all of them, he and Simon are sent to the vault via the Tunnel, to find that vault. It could be penetrated by cutting from the inside, but it was so thick that cutting was not possible.

Walter’s plan gets canceled and everyone prepares to return home, but while Thom is still at work, Thom suddenly comes up with the idea that if we leave a lot of nitrogen gas on the vault, the scales will be fixed. Will go, as long as we steal it, because when the scales are fixed and the weight will not go up and down, then the water will not come in the vault, finally, that day comes.

Football World Cup Final, Spain Vs Netherlands The public is on the streets of the city, the whole army force was busy that day, Thom, Lorraine and James all three go inside the top of the bank, but they make a mistake in that window They leave it open so that the pigeons come in, and the security learns that someone has been inside the vault, they also find out that their CCTV is hacked. They quickly fix it, then see that 3 people are inside the vault.

Lorraine finds the coins, and then the ice begins to melt, the water rushes inside the vault, the vault’s gate locks automatically, James pulls out his gun and asks Lorraine for the coins, he says. is that still works for the British government, he was not retired, he cheated everyone, and he ran away with coins, he got away because army training was trained to swim in opposite water That is, the pipe that the water was coming from goes out of the same pipe, but all this was not possible for Thom and Lorraine.

The water reaches Thom and Lorraine’s throats, both of them prepare to die by holding each other’s hands, when Thom gets the idea that the only people in the vault are us, if at the bottom of the vault, as much as our bodies. If we put something heavy, we can survive, all were connected to each other through microphones.

Thom tells Simon to put some weight on the bottom of the vault, Simon starts to mount the empty tank of nitrogen gas on the vault but the water still doesn’t stop, maybe the 100g weight was still low, that’s Spain’s match Was listening on the radio As soon as the radio is put on the vault, the water stops. The door of the vault would open only when the water came out from inside the vault, so the security guard had to wait outside, and then the same water pipe Thom and Lorraine escape but the security guards do not let them go.

Lorraine and Thom join the crowd and when the army reaches them, both of them hide their faces by kissing each other, in a few days everyone moves from there to another country, but Simon and Thom regret the same. Were celebrating that, the coin was snatched from us but then Walter shows those coins with him and tells us that I already suspected James, but without James, our mission would not have been successful, so we kept him with us.

Walter made a duplicate of those coins and gave them to Lorraine in advance so that if James asks for the coins, Lorraine gives James the fake coins, everyone starts laughing and the Vault movie ends, But before the film ends it shows that their next target will be London Bank, which means that The Vault 2 is coming very soon.


The Vault movie will have everything you want to see in a movie except the action, the way James deceived everyone in the last scene of the movie, this was a great addition, taking the ways to steal the Vault to the next level As shown, although each such movie depicts a new way of stealing, the most striking feature of The Vault is that the film will hook you up from the very first 10 minutes of the opening, often seen in films as the beginning. The watcher does not understand what is going on in the film for 30 minutes, but it is not so, you must see this film, The Vault is a great film.


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