Pluggedin | Reminiscence Movie (2021)


Release Date – 20.Aug.2021

Director – Lisa Joy


  • Hugh Jackman (Nick Bannister)
  • Rebecca Ferguson (Mae)
  • Thandiwe Newton (Emily ‘Watts’ Sanders)
  • Cliff Curtis (Cyrus Boothe)


The past is shown in the movie Reminiscence, and its mainline is that your past can ruin you, the whole game in Reminiscence is based on nostalgia, Nick working in the lead role has a machine that Can make anyone feel his past.


At the beginning of the movie Reminiscence, Hugh Jackman working in the lead role is known as Nick in the film, and he is accompanied by his business partner Emily, both of them were working in their office, they had a machine in which people Sleeping and sending that person into his past with the help of his voice, the person in the past could feel everything, of his old times and all this was visible to Nick in a screen.

People also came to Nick to find their lost item, some people came to relive the time spent with their life partner even after the breakup.

One of them was a man who was in the army and his leg was amputated in the war, he used to dream again and again when his legs were safe, and he used to run a lot, similarly, there was a girl who had a physical relationship with a man. and she used to have the same dream over and over again.

One day suddenly a girl named Mae comes to Nick, and tells him that you have lost her key, find it, Nick asks Mae to go to the tank but had to take off the clothes before going to the tank, Nick was about to give the suit, then the girl takes off her entire clothes in front of Nick and said that you can see everything and tell you to hide it.

Why is the city flooded in the movie Reminiscence ?

Who are the dancers in the Save My Love video from the movie reminiscence ?

Nick tells her shortly where her key has fallen, but while leaving Mae forgets her earring, Nick had seen in the past that she sings a song in a bar, that time with her earring reaches in, the two meet, Mae takes Nick to her house. Both of them are liking each other, both have frequent physical relations for several days, Nick likes Mae because she sings Nick’s favorite song And she was beautiful as well.

Mae suddenly disappears, Nick tries hard to find her Nick goes into his past, notices every detail of that time so that maybe some evidence can be found to reach Mae, but he does not succeed.

Nick suspects his partner is hiding something about Mae, Nick forces his partner into the tank, then his partner appears in Emily’s past that Mae is running away from her office with some cassettes, Nick used to keep complete biodata of the people who used to come to Nick.

Mae ran away with the data of a girl named Elsa, Elsa was the same girl who used to come again and again to see the nights she spent with her partner, Nick goes to Elsa and it is found that someone murdered Elsa, Nick goes to the businessman who had a relationship with Elsa but he was also dead, but after talking to the businessman’s wife, it is revealed that the businessman had a personal detective, Nick was an army officer, so the detective had to easily grab it and brings it to his office, and looks into his past.

The detective’s past reveals that Mae is no ordinary girl, but she works for a gangster, and she came to Nick to steal the data, Mae deliberately sings Nick’s favorite song, So that Nick is deeply in love with her, but after Mae really falls in love with Nick, it appears further in the past that Mae is killed by the Detective.

The detective was doing all this at the behest of the businessman’s boy because the businessman’s boy did not want to take any share in his dad’s property, but Nick gives the young child his due, and himself goes and lies down in the tank. is, to relive the moments he had with Mae, and he remains in the same tank until he dies because he had fallen in true love with Mae.


Talking about the story of Reminiscence movie, it is very good, but if you see it on the screen then it will be a bit boring, because some extra shots which are of no importance, also the movie is shown very slow, if shown properly then 30 The length of the movie could have been reduced to a minute, but you should watch Reminiscence as it shows a new concept, going back to the past and understanding the situation, in a word, go and watch the movie.

Answer 1 (Because this is the Miami beach of Florida, which is by the sea)

Answer 2 (She is the wife of a businessman, the businessman Elsa was related to)


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