Maoshan | Movie Review & Rating (2021)


Release Date – January 28,2021 (China)

Director – Shuai Yang
Wei -Xi Zhong


  • Di Liu ( Yin shouyi )
  • Siu – Ho chin ( Master )
  • Zhang Song ( Yu Ling Zi )
  • Chunzhong Zhang ( Luo Huanzhen )


In Maoshan movie, a master and some of his disciples are shown who fight to save the people of a village. The Master sends his 4 disciples, but alas, two of them die in the end.


The opening of the movie Maoshan begins with a man’s dream, that person’s name is Yu Ling. He was dreaming that he had become the Master of Maoshan, protecting people, and then his friend woke him up from his sleep. He gives, his friend tells that we all have to reach the ashram soon.

Yu Ling’s friend goes flying in the air with his martial arts, Yu-Ling was the weakest student in the whole ashram, he was taught to fly but he could not get up, on the other hand, the master was making his 3 disciples fight, And the one who wins among them will be given the soul bullet, the disciple named Luo wins the battle, Guruji was about to give him the soul bullet, just then Yu Ling came flying in the air and fell into that soul bullet, that bullet Everyone gets very angry inside Yu Ling, but Guruji said that whatever happens happens for good, and this will protect our society from today, this is the Master of Motion.

The master sends four disciples to stop the spread of spider venom in a village, and Yu Ling was the leader of them all, but Yu Ling couldn’t even fight a normal battle, on the way he sees a girl, Yu-Ling talks to him, she reveals that he is from the same village where the spider’s venom is spreading, the master had tied up everyone’s soul before sending the four disciples, so that they could help each other even after they died.

Leaving Yu Ling and the girl to guard the villagers, the other three disciples go to war, the three disciples find the source of the spider, from where the spider was biting people, that source is destroyed But the people who were bitten by the spider were spreading venom by biting any human and they could be saved only when that big spider was killed. Yu-Ling fell in love with that girl and the girl takes advantage of this and snatches the soul bullet from Yu Ling.

The girl was actually deceiving the disciples from all four of the master because it was the same wood that kept the spider under his control, that girl called the four to a secluded place to kill the four disciples and took her form. shows.

Just then a giant spider comes out tearing the ground and attacks everyone, meanwhile a spectacular martial arts fight ensues, and one of the disciples is also killed, Yu-Ling sees that we are all will be killed, because Luo’s condition had become very bad, Luo was the only disciple who was the most capable of them all, the three disciples run to their hut, Luo was on the verge of dying.

So he grabbed Yu Ling’s hand and put his powers inside Yu Ling and said now I’m going to die, and you can do all that I could, you just go and fight that spider, Yu-Ling fights with the spider and kills him, all because the master had tied the four souls, making Yu Ling one, but he had the strength of the four disciples, Yu-Ling village after killing the spider Comes back everyone welcomes him, and that’s where the movie ends.


Maoshan movie is just 1 hour 15-minute movie so it will not be right at all to expect a good story this movie, Maoshan has nothing but 5 or 10 minutes of martial arts to watch only, Maoshan story is very Shown in slow motion which might make you feel bored, I would not recommend Maoshan that you watch it, but you can watch it if you are at leisure.