Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise movie review & Rating (2021)

Jungle cruise


  • Dwayne Johnson ( Frank Wolff )
  • Emily Blunt ( Lily Houghton )
  • Edgar Ramírez ( Aguirre )
  • Jack Whitehall ( MacGregor Houghton)
  • Jesse Plemons ( Prince Joachim )

Release Date

  1. .July. 2021
    (United States)

Director – Jaume Collet-Serra


The movie Jungle cruise tells the story of 2 passengers on the Amazon jungle and the boatman Skipper, there was a plant in the Amazon jungle that could cure any kind of disease, many in search of the same plant. People were roaming around that forest.


Jungle Cruise movie story begins with a museum where a girl trying to steal something by entering the museum she manages to steal, the girl’s name is Lily she steals a necklace that she wears around the neck. That necklace was looking unique, the British king also goes there to take that necklace and he sees that the girl is running away with the necklace.

But the king can’t catch her, the king knows, this girl will go to the forest with a necklace, the king knew this, he follows her Lily goes to the Amazon jungle with her brother Mac, now she needed someone like this Who can take him through the boat in the Amazon jungle.

He meets Skipper, a boatman, his name is Frank, Frank agrees to take Lily to the Amazon jungle for $1500, Lily shows her map when she reaches the forest, to take Frank to that place. When Lily goes to Frank’s cabin, she sees the one I already had. Lily asks Frank are you looking for this plant too, Frank lies. He says That it is not mine that belongs to some ride that has left, A leopard also lived with Frank, whose name is Proxima.

Frank used to keep some of his boys in the woods to earn more money who used to scare people and to save them from Frank takes money, they come and take Lily, Mac, and Frank hostage, Frank also takes that plant was looking for, which can be cured of any disease, but to reach that plant it was necessary to have that map as well as the necklace that was around Lily’s neck, they would ask for that necklace When Lily understands that Frank is behind all this, she starts leaving from there.

Then some people attack there, the attackers were very dangerous, the snake came out of their whole body, and could eat anyone, Frank brings them all out from there but the sword enters Frank’s stomach. The next morning Lily sees that Frank is alive and there is no blood coming out of his stomach, she asks Frank the reason for this Frank tells him that he is not like a normal person.

He tells that, he came to this forest 400 years ago with his friend Aguirre to find that plant, Aguirre’s daughter was sick, and she could be cured with this plant, Aguirre promised his daughter that I I will definitely return with that plant, but I will not come empty-handed, if we were with five people, all of us have passed many years to find the plant, but we did not find that plant, we were all old and we decided this That we will die here but will not go back empty-handed.

We were all lying in the ground when a group of tribesmen came there and seeing our condition gave us that plant to eat, and we were alive again, Aguirre asks the old man the place of that plant so that I can take me I can save the daughter but the old man was not ready to tell the place, Aguirre gets angry and kills all the people Aguirre and follows a young daughter of the old man, runs to kill her By chanting the mantra before the old man dies, we curse the five people that we will never be able to get out of this forest.

The people who had gone to kill his daughter were caught in the trees. I was standing in my place so I have the freedom to roam in this forest, but I can’t get out of this forest, so I started the jungle cruise, Lily sends her brother Mac back, and Frank and Lily travel together.

There was something written in the necklace that Lily had around her neck, but that language was used only by the people living in the forest, a girl reads it and tells that you can reach that plant only when the water falling from the spring is stopped. You can, and you can mend a broken heart.

Frank arrives in search of that place, he also stops the water falling from the spring, then he sees a cave but in that cave, he had reached the king, in that cave with Lily’s brother Mac, in that cave. After putting the necklace in that cave, when the moon appears, then that plant blooms for a few minutes.

But as soon as the plant blooms, the king starts fighting, Lily is able to pluck only one plant, all the rest of the plants are spoiled again, and all the trees there are clinging to the plants, even Frank becomes a stone. But Lily had a plant, Lily brings Frank back to life with that plant, and that’s where the movie ends.


Jungle Cruise is a great movie and I would highly recommend you to watch it, action, drama, romance will be seen in it, the movie has a good story, in the first half-hour of Jungle Cruise, the movie will look completely normal. Nothing very good will be seen, but in the last one and a half hours of the film, you can enjoy it completely. Maybe, no matter how big an article I write, it can’t tell the whole story, it’s a great movie and you must watch it.


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