The suicide sqaud

The suicide squad 2021 | Movie Review

The suicide squad

Director – James Gunn
Writer – James Gunn

Release Date
30 July 2021 (U.K)


  • Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn)
  • Idris Elba (Bloodsport)
  • John Cena (Peacemaker)
  • Joel Kinnaman (Colonel Rick Flag)
  • Michael Rooker (Savant)
  • Viola Davis (Amanda Waller)


The suicide squad in America Govt. She plays the role of hiding her false exploits and she used to eliminate the enemies by using very vicious or special power prisoners to eliminate her enemies, but the government does not have any sympathy for those prisoners, they should fulfill their mission. It should be just whether the prisoner dies or lives do not matter to him.


The suicide squad begins in a prison where there was a lady officer Amanda. She prepares some prisoners for that mission. The bomb is planted inside all the prisoner’s brains and they are told that if you return from the mission. If you try, we will kill you the same.

All the prisoners are seated in a helicopter and landed on the shore of a sea, the number of prisoners is 8 to 9, then suddenly the military attacks from the front, some people are killed only one or two try to come back. When they do, Amanda detonates them with the same bomb, but two of them are saved. Harley and Colonel.

Harley was a girl who was captured by the army there and the Colonel was captured by the people who were fighting against that army. All this was a trick of Amanda, she had sent prisoners in two groups so that one group would be busy killing the army and our working boys could easily enter that country, that place was a part of America but There the government was different and she did not listen to the US government, but she was also planning to destroy America.

Harley was very beautiful so the minister there likes her, he agrees to marry her, both sleep on the same bed, but suddenly Harley’s mood is bad and she shoots the minister there, Harley is put in the dungeon, looking for the Colonel, the other group arrives, there were 5 people in the second group, they all make plans how we have to rescue Harley, they reach that dungeon building, but Harley was beautiful as well as very smart, she comes out on her own killing all the guards there.

All get together. Amanda tells that you have to kidnap a person, whether by telling him or without telling him, but he is the only person who can get you closer to the mission, the mission of the US government destroys a research center. Had to do it, all the prisoners kidnap that person and enter that research center, all start planting bombs in that building.

The colonel was talking to the person that what is happening in this building, and why the US government goes to break it, the person tells that this research center is in America and they do all the dangerous research outside America so that His name should not be spoiled, he has taken a starfish hostage and was doing research on it, but this fish has given millions of children and these children stick in the mouth of any person and control it.

Starfish had become death for the people there, so the government there was angry with America, and they also wanted to take action on America. As soon as the Colonel comes to know about this, he asks the person for the hard disk and says that I will no longer be a puppet of America, I will give this hard disk to the media.

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Just then, the blasting starts in that building. Starfish comes out and starts vandalizing there. When one of the seven prisoners does not agree with the Colonel’s words, he asks to destroy the hard disk so that there will be peace in America. Stay tuned, a fight ensues between the two, but the Colonel is killed but just then two more prisoners arrive, one takes the hard disk and the other kills the peacemaker.

Starfish was wreaking havoc all over the city, all five people run towards Starfish when Amanda tells them on the call that our work is done now you come back, but they all were not ready to come back, they believed that we Can’t leave the innocent to die, they all together after a spectacular fight kill the starfish and save the people.

After which they all ask Amanda to free her captivity or else we will give the hard disk to the media, on which Amanda releases them and the movie ends.


In the movie The suicide squad, the policies of the government of America have been shown, in it is clear that no government has anything bigger than its work, they do not have humanity, they work first after seeing their benefit. Let’s do The suicide squad, you will get the action like an average film I won’t force myself to watch it at all.