Left for dead

Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story | Movie review 2021

Left for Dead


  • Anwen O’Driscoll (Ashley Reeves)
  • Benjamin Sutherland (Sam)
  • James Gallanders (Ashley Dad)
  • Sebastian Roberts (Steve)
  • Adrian Spencer (Danny)


The lead role of the movie Left for dead is played by a girl named Ashley, who is about 22 years old, this is a real story based movie, she is tortured by her teacher, she is tried to kill, and When the case reaches the court, an attempt is also made to buy it, but the girl was strong enough from inside, she manages to get him punished by facing all this.


Left for dead is a real story-based movie in which a girl named Ashley was living a good life with her parents, she also had a boyfriend named Danny. One day there is a small party in Ashley’s house, that day Danny is alone with Ashley. Seeing the ring, Ashley agrees but she doesn’t tell her parents, one day Danny and Ashley were roaming around when Danny’s basketball teacher is found, his name was Sam, Sam, Danny has to come to class daily. Asks for it and says that if you want, you can bring Ashley too.

Ashley, Danny, and some friends start going to daily class but one day Ashley arrives alone in class because Danny had some work that day, and Sam sends the rest of the boys on vacation. Sam says we can’t play alone. So we should go for a walk somewhere, he takes Ashley out of town after that he pretends that I have a stomach ache, I have to go to his house immediately and he takes Ashley to his house.

Sam also liked Ashley because he was much more mature than Danny, Sam eventually persuades Ashley to have a physical relationship and the two make up. After this Sam takes Ashley to a forest. Abbey asks to get down from the car Ashley refuses because she didn’t know the way there, Ashley says you leave me near my car I will go home Sam forces Ashley off the car and strangles her Ashley faints, her eyes are open a little, she was able to see everything. She was not even able to walk.

Sam takes her to a secluded place and strangles Ashley with his belt. He thinks the real is dead, then he throws mud on her, and from there the police find Ashley 30 hours later. Ashley was still alive after 30 hours but her condition was similar to that of a dead person, she could not speak, could not eat, could not walk, she had become a living corpse, the police caught Sam but the police There was no evidence against Sam, there was the only evidence that if Ashley testified, but Ashley was not even able to speak. After a few months, Sam is discharged from the court, he becomes free. Ashley is scared to hear this.

Movie Review

Ashley’s mother collects funds from many places to get Ashley’s medicine, but it takes years, after a few years Ashley starts speaking and starts walking, then Ashley tells the police that she will walk into the court and record her statement, Sam agrees to compromise as soon as he learns that Ashley will record his statement, Sam says that he will give a lot of money to Ashley’s family, to which Asli’s parents also agree.

But Ashley was not happy with this, she says that I want justice, so I will go to the court and testify, and the next day there is a hearing in the court after which the judge gives 20 years imprisonment to Sam, and that’s the end of the movie.


Left for dead This is a film based on a true incident, and it is often seen that people start making deals with someone after doing bad behavior or despicable acts, the movie is very emotional, the story of the movie is in mysterious way. It has been told that if you watch the film, then the story will start from the reverse of this article, that is, in the last 10 minutes of the film, it is revealed that how the condition of that girl deteriorated, is Sam really responsible for all this? It is told at the end of the movie so that the interest of the audience remains in the movie.


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