Rat Disaster

Rat Disaster (2021)| Movie Review | Chinese movie

Rat Disaster

Rating – 5.6/10


  • Yin Zhao De (Su Zheng Huai)
  • Grace Xia (Su Ting)
  • Cheng Jun Wen (Du Da Shan)
  • Zhu Ya (Ling Ling)
  • Xu Wei (Jiang Yi Biao)


Rat Disaster Movie has shown the terror of rats, fewer rats can do you a little harm, but if the number of rats increases so much, then it will not be possible for humans to live on earth, in this movie some such terror of rats was introduced. Seeing what went, your hair will stand up.


The movie Rat Disaster begins with a journey of a man named Huai who has two daughters and a son. Daughters were older but the son was just 8 years old, all were traveling in a train, all were going to another city because The terror of rats had increased a lot in the village, there were some goons in that train who were trying to rob the train, the journey progresses a little, only then a woman hears the sound of rats, she gives her husband rats. Speaks to find.

That person starts hitting the upper part of the train with his stick, then suddenly some part of the upper part of the train compartment breaks and the rats start falling from there, the rats live in such a large quantity that it is probably not possible to guess. They start biting people, some police officers were also in that train, they come to know about this, the rats are in such a large number that they will eat the entire train.

So he decides that the coaches which the rats have reached should be separated from the train so that we can escape there were only a few people in those coaches, Huai escapes with his family and comes to that compartment along with the robbers. They come in the same compartment, but some of them were bitten by rats, in which there is a risk of increasing the infection, the rest of the train is separated along with those two coaches.

Rats kill all the people in those boxes. Huai’s daughter was a doctor, she tells that those who are infected should be put in a separate box so that the rest can also avoid the virus, Huai’s younger son to The rat was bitten by some policemen, the mouse was also bitten by the chief of the robber, Huai’s daughter tells that its medicine is kept in the hospital of the East Railway, if we can bring it, we will all be saved. The train is further parked at the station, there some people go to get the medicine in which Huai is also there and he also had a small daughter, all reach near the East Railway.

there is no person alive around. The corpses were the corpses, they had to climb over those corpses to reach the hospital, after that a street appears where millions of rats were waiting for a human to come, Huai comes to know that the rats come from the light. Afraid so he climbs to the walls of the house not from the street as the sunlight was reading on the walls but one of them accidentally falls in the middle of the rats, the rats kill him immediately.

All of them somehow reach inside the hospital, there was a lot of rats inside the hospital, they light a torch so that the rats can not come near them, and they go towards the train with the medicine, on the other side there is a policeman in the train. The train was asking the driver to proceed with the train, he was saying that we can leave the people who are infected here and go ahead, on which a woman gets angry and she opens the door of the train.

Rats come in and bite everyone, everyone dies, now only those people were left in the whole train who were infected and four people who went to bring medicine Huai comes with the medicine, everyone is given medicine, The train starts moving forward and the rats were chasing the train when the train driver stops the train.

Movie Review

Because the next train route was closed, he had to go and switch someone to another route, Huai is ready for this and he changes the route but he comes back to his place, he was too old, so Huai had to hold it until the train overtakes or crosses that place, the train crosses but Huai is bitten to death by rats because he can’t get on the train.


Rat Disaster is a great movie because the story of Avenger may not be true but if Rat Disaster does come true then doom will come, the whole movie is full of thrillers, you can’t sit comfortably even for 1 minute in the movie Continuous thrill throughout the movie You will get to see, the film will also make you emotional in the last part because all those people who are killed in the film face a lot of problems to live.