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LOKI (Episode 06)


Loki In episode 05 it was seen that Loki and Sylvie together control Alioth Alioth gives way to both of them to go to the palace Now the story of Episode 6……


Loki and Sylvie go inside the palace, this scene moves very slowly, due to which it takes only 15 minutes of the episode to reach the palace, after that the door opens inside which a person looking like a normal person is sitting, Sylvie tells him tries to kill but he disappears again and again after that he takes Sylvie and Loki to his office Sylvie asks him his name he tells that I am called by many names like Samrat, Raja Tum You can also call

Loki asks why are you doing all this drama, what is all this? What is the reality of TV? He tells that I have many characters but not all have the same nature He tells that a few thousand years ago I was a scientist and I discovered that where I live there is one universe and so many other universes And there are different places my characters are working I made a Tempad meet them so that I can meet them all and also use their powers.

How many minutes was Loki inside the TVA building?

I can bring whatever is good in their universe into my universe and when all my characters got together, we made a plan that we will control the whole universe, everyone agrees but some characters were bad thinking. He started to foil the plan, he wanted this throne to be given to him, due to which all the characters started fighting among themselves.

They started looking for and killing each other from Tempad, then I found an animal to stop their fight, that was Alioth, Alioth is such an animal that can destroy all the universe at once, then I fought with Alioth and won over it. and put it under my protection so that I can take all of them hostage and built a TVA so that those people will not let anyone tamper with time anymore.

you both take my chair I will be retired but if you kill me you will have to face that bad character of mine Loki agreed with him but Sylvie doesn’t trust him and tries to kill him Loki Starts to stop Sylvie Sylvie feels that Loki is doing all this out of greed. Sylvie forcefully sends Loki to TVA with the help of Tempad and kills the person.

As soon as he dies the timeline breaks completely, the TVA is in turmoil Loki runs to Mobius and tells him that Sylvie seems to have killed the man, Mobius asks Loki if What are you saying, and who are you? This ends Loki season 1 episode 06. Maybe Ravonna had erased all the memories of Mobius, so Mobius, not even recognizing Loki, turns around, Loki comes to the same place where he started, but This suspense suggests that Loki season 02 will be coming soon.

Answer 1 (The TVA time was different from the actual time, so it cannot be measured, nor is it mentioned in the Loki series)