How I became a superhero

How I Become a Superhero (2021) | Netflix Movie review

How I became a superhero


  • Pio Marmai (Moreau)
  • Leila Bekhti (Callista)
  • Vimala Pons (Schaltzmann)
  • Swann Arlaud (Naja)
  • Benoit Poelvoorde (Monte)


In the movie How I become a superhero, the power of all the superheroes living on earth is shown to be converted into a gas and after smelling it, it is shown to use that power as if it is so easy that now anyone can become a superhero.


How I become a superhero begins with a club where a person is kidnapped and then shown the routine of a police detective’s house, his name was Moreau, he receives a phone call from his boss calling him to the office. It is known that already you are not able to work well, so you are being given a new partner, his partner was a girl whose name was Schaltzmann.

After some time he gets a call and is called. There is a boy in the college whose hands are on fire and he can burn anyone with that fire, some strange powers are seen in him. Moreau reaches there and kills the boy. catches it but he was not ready to tell anything, the next day the news comes again that in a club a person has burnt six people by taking out fire from his mouth.

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Moreau goes to his old partner named Monte. He asks Monte that a few years ago a man had the power to put out a fire from his mouth. Where does he live at this time? Monte was also a superhero, that’s his strength. and tells that he was in jail the last time after that he disappeared and no clue of him has been found yet.

Moreau and Schaltzmann interrogate those who have been burned at the club, then discover that it is from smelling a gas that is filled in a plastic that looks like a pen and sends it to the college by a man named Ismail. Both of them leave to catch Ismail. Ismail’s boss Naja also comes to know about this. Naja sends boys to find Smile but Ismail is first caught by Moreau, then Naja’s boys attack the police officers and rescue Ismail. And this time he came with some new powers, he was blinding anyone by leaving the laser with his eyes.

Naja’s boys throw Schaltzmann down the first floor but then tries to catch Moreau and Moreau’s hand touches the salesman’s hand, causing Schaltzmann to hang in the air. Schaltzmann learns that Moreau is also a man. He is a superhero and has such power that he can fly in the air without touching any object.

Ismail tells his boss Naja that a man named Moreau is also a superhero. If we catch him, we can use his powers too, Naja sends her boys to capture Moreau, an old friend of Moreau’s Callista. She was also a superhero, who had the ability to see the future. She learns that some people are coming to kidnap Moreau, she saves Moreau from being kidnapped with Schaltzmann, but Moreau is hit by three bullets. Because she is not even able to speak, Schaltzmann asks Callista why Moreau doesn’t use her powers.

Callista explains that once we four superheroes were fighting enemies in one place in which Moreau used his power to save us. Tried but lost the life of a superhero who was the most capable superhero of all of us, so Moreau stopped using his power

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Schaltzmann continues her investigation when she comes to know about Naja’s lab where she also held a baby girl. She was also a superhero. She could throw anyone away with a flick of light from her eyes, some After waiting for the day, Moreau started getting up, then everyone made a plan that we would attack Naja’s lab, and everyone reached there as soon as Naja came to know that he distributed the box of gas among all the boys.

After sniffing Naja starts leaving the laser from his eyes. Naja was running with that girl and a fight scene is also seen in the movie, after this Moreau kills Naja, Moreau has to leave the job because he was no longer a common man. Everyone knew about him, Schaltzmann gets a promotion, Moreau, and Schaltzmann both fall in love and the movie ends there.


In How I become a superhero, the story of the superhero has been presented in a new way, neither it has a lot of fighting scenes nor the superhero has shown his spirit in some strange way, but when it comes to the story, it’s a new idea. This is an average film but has adopted a new concept, so you must watch it once