Till Death

Till Death ending explained (2021) Movie Review & summary

Till Death


  • Megan Fox (Emma)
  • Eoin Macken (Mark)
  • Callen Malvey (Bobby)
  • Jack Roth
  • Aml Ameen (Tom)


Till death movie is so named because there is only death from beginning to end of this movie, out of the total five essential characters, four die.


Till death begins in a romantic way where a man named Tom is trying to impress a girl named Emma and convince her to sleep with him, but the girl does not believe, she tells that today is my anniversary which means my husband’s. was not together but with some other non-man, after that she leaves from there she goes to her husband, both have food in the hotel and her husband gives a necklace for her to wear as a gift and her husband He had come to know that someone else likes his wife and also goes to meet her. Emma’s husband’s name is Mark.

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Mark blindfolds Emma and, on the pretext of Surprise, takes her to a place far away from the city where no one goes there uninvited, it was snowing so cold that only there There was only one house, Mark takes Emma to the house and after that both celebrate the anniversary and go to sleep. Emma wakes up in the morning, Mark was sitting next to her and both were handcuffed Emma says what this That’s when Mark shoots himself. Emma starts looking for the key to the handcuffs but she can’t find it. She drags Mark’s dead body with her to all the rooms, so that anything can be found so that I can open the handcuffs but her Nothing like this is found.

She looks for her mobile. Mark has also submerged the phone in water. Emma gets the car key. She drags Mark to the car, but there is no fuel in that car. Mark has taken out all the fuel. Emma starts crying because No one used to come there, he thought that he would never be able to get out of here and how to get rid of this dead body, after some time Tom comes there Emma, ​​seeing Tom gets scared

Tom asks why did you call me here Emma says I didn’t call maybe Mark must have called and he is dead Tom says don’t worry I try to open the handcuffs then another car shows up there There were two guys Bobby and Jimmy, Bobby was a gangster and he had an old enmity with Emma, ​​he was also called by Mark so that Emma could be killed too, Bobby murders Tom as soon as he arrives and starts looking for Emma Yes, Emma runs into the parking lot dragging the corpse, she finds a sharp object there so that she cuts off Mark’s hand in order to get rid of the corpse.

Emma puts on Tom’s shoes because it was snowing heavily. It was impossible to walk barefoot. Bobby, seeing Tom’s missing shoes, understands that Emma is still here and he keeps looking for something to kill him. When Emma finds Emma, ​​there was also a safe in which diamonds were kept, Mark told Bobby that Bobby asks Emma the date of Mark and his marriage and after entering this password, the safe opens.


There is a plate in the safe which says that diamonds are hidden inside Emma’s necklace but there was no pin to open that necklace Bobby says I have to cut your neck to take this necklace off, but Jimmy doesn’t agree, he tries to stop Bobby, Bobby kills him too, until Emma runs away and ties Bobby in Mark’s handcuffs.

In what seemed perfectly logical, Bobby chases Emma and brings Mark’s body outside, when suddenly the ice surface breaks and Mark’s body sinks into cold water with Bobby inside with the same body. goes away but he drags Emma inside with him, Emma and Bobby have a fight in which Emma kills Bobby with his knife, breaks the ice and comes out. This is where the movie ends. .

see or not

Till death you can watch if you want to watch but I will not recommend it, because there is nothing to learn in the film, this movie will make you feel very bored because in the process of making the film mysterious, don’t even introduce their characters. Kayaya Hai Till Death is a simple action and mystery film.