the tomorrow war

The Tomorrow War 2021 | movie review & film summary

The Tomorrow War


  • Chris Pratt (Dan)
  • Yvonne Strahovski (Romeo)
  • J.K Simmons (James)
  • Sam Richardson (Charlie)
  • Edwin Hodge (Dorian)


In The Tomorrow war, the story of a retired soldier is shown, who ends up fighting the challenges of the coming future, not only in his presence but 30 years in the future, and back there after not being able to save the people. Coming in the present eliminates all those problems before they even take birth.


The Tomorrow war begins with a birthday party and a football final match. Dan has a daughter’s birthday. His daughter’s name is Muri. He is very upset because he was retired from the army but he doesn’t have a good job. was getting

Everyone was watching the football match at the birthday party, then suddenly a light appears on the ground and some people come out wearing an army uniform and tell that we are from our future, now 2021 is going on but we are the people of 2051. And aliens have attacked us here, we need your help, or else the human species will end on this earth.

The government there orders that some people here whose age is 45+ should be sent to fight, anyway after 30 years they will be dead, so they should be used, Dan was teaching children in school only then A message comes on his mobile, he has to go to the military camp for a checkup, when he reaches the camp, he is seated on a chair and tied with a seat belt.

Put his hand inside a machine, a cover is put in his hands by that machine, the people there tell that you have been chosen to go to war in the future and you cannot run away because we will track you And if you run, you will also be in jail, you have to fight for 7 days, if you survive, we will call you back, along with Dan, about 100 people have selected Dan reaches the camp from where he will have to fight in the future He sees that there are only 10 such people who know how to hold the gun, did not understand what everyone else would fight.

Dan befriends a man named Charlie and there was another person named Dorian. He has cancer. He was going to die in six months, so he too was not afraid to die. He wanted to devote his life to good deeds. , everyone is told that you are all going to go in 2051 and you will all land on the roof of a building, you will fall from a height of 5 feet, and all are sent from the lighting system in 2051, as soon as they reach there people are falling like this It was as if the dried leaves are falling from the tree, out of which 75% of the people break due to falling, they are not even in a condition to walk.

Everyone was given a microphone, due to which the force of 2051 contact them Dan tells that I have been in the army, he tells that you have to save the medicines and scientists made by our scientist in the building in front, Dan is his 15 – Takes a team of 20 people and reaches that building, he also gets medicine there, but no scientist remains alive, all are eaten by aliens, Dorian sees an alien dead, he takes out the nail of his hand and keeps it and says for the sake of remembrance.

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In a group of Dan, everyone has a high-level gun. The army tells Dan that you all ran away with that medicine because our air force is going to drop a bomb there to kill the alien. The aliens looked like dinosaurs. , but something like a bullet came out of their asking, so that it used to kill people at once, suddenly more than 100 aliens attack Dan’s team, some are killed and some die due to that air force bomb. There are some people who are not able to get out from there, the Air Force is able to save only 5 people, all the rest are killed.

When they wake up, it is revealed that it is in the Air Force camp, when a person comes and tells that Colonel Romeo is calling Dan. Dan asks Romeo if we’ve ever met. Romeo tells that yes we have met, you are my father, Dan said that means the little girl I have left at home, she will look like this in 2051 and I am feeling very proud, Romeo tells It is that we can kill the male alien, their medicines have been made, but how can we kill the female alien because she is not coming out of her cave, we have to go to her cave and catch one and bring it to my lab, both go with full force And after a great fight, he is caught and brought to the lab.

After testing the samples all night, she makes it medicine to kill those females, but the whole world has been destroyed, this lab was made by putting big doors all around in the beach, Dan’s total 6 days also completed The next day, Alien attacks in that lab in the morning, Romeo gives this medicine to his father and says that you should go to your world to get this medicine made in more quantity, and export it here so that we can be saved.

A great fight begins between the Air Force and the aliens, Romeo is eaten by the aliens in front of his father Dan’s eyes and all then Dan comes back to his life, he tells the 2021 army that by making this medicine there do export but the army says that our connection is broken from there now there is nothing left of the human name and the mark he comes back home and says I will not let my daughter die in vain death he calls his friends And takes that nail and goes to the lab to check it.

It is found in the lab that it has come from the glacier of Russia, he asks permission from the government to allow him to enter Russia, but the government refuses, Dan says that I will do anything to save my daughter, he goes to his father James and asks for help because his father was always against the government and he was also a pilot, he enjoys doing illegal work, he takes everyone from his plane to Russia in the same glacier where aliens used to live. Dan pulls out the machine and discovers that there is something magnetic underneath, he explodes it and a cave appears.

After going to the cave, they see a ship. Ongoing inside the ship, a polythene-like mesh is seen inside which many aliens and a female alien were resting, Dan starts applying for medicine on them along with all the companions. That’s when the aliens attack, almost Dan’s friends die. Dorian says that he has to die, I will kill everyone, tells Dan to run away and bombs the ship, the whole ship explodes. All the aliens die but the female alien runs away, after which Dan and his father together kill the female alien after a good fight.

The Tomorrow War

Dan returns to his home where the government takes all the credit for himself, she doesn’t even reveal who killed him and who didn’t, takes all the credit on himself, and reveals that he has taken all the credit for his Special Air Force men. Kill the alien by sending him there, but only Dan’s family knew that Dan did this work, and his father did it, and Dan looks at Muri and thinks it’s going to happen next. Will go and become a colonel, and this is where the movie ends.

See or Not

You must watch The Tomorrow war because it is a movie which is made through imagination but its script is very well written, and it has also been given a good role, good characters are played inside the movie, everything is perfect Felt and whenever the fighting scene in this film comes, you will sweat under your teeth, because there is such a dangerous fighting scene, you will get the most fun watching the fighting scene, this movie will not let you get bored at many places. Emotional too.


Credit: The Tomorrow war