Loki | Series 2021 | Episode 04 | Movie Review

Loki (Episode 04)

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In the last episode of Loki episode 03, Loki and Sylvie fail to escape from that planet as the rocket collides with another planet. In episode 04, Loki and Sylvie convince the TVA people that she is also a variant and the whole TVA tries to destroy one.


Loki At the beginning of episode 04 a little girl is playing with some toys in her house when Ravonna comes along with some of her guards and grabs that girl Ravonna is currently working as a judge But at that time his job was to catch the variant and present it in front of the judge, as soon as Ravonna brings that girl in front of the judge, that girl disappears after freeing Ravonna’s Tempad, that girl was none other than Sylvie and since then one of Sylvie The aim was to ruin TVA.

Sylvie and Loki were sitting on the same planet talking about each other, they think that our end is not there now because there is no other way to escape from here but Mobius was trying his best to find both of them when he got a Rekha appears which is about to be destroyed. Mobius understands that it is Loki and Sylvie. Mobius reaches there, brings both of them back to TVA, and locks them in separate prison cells.

Mobius goes to Loki and sends him to another place to punish Loki, while leaving Loki says that TVA is lying to you. TVA’s truth is not what you know. After this Loki reaches a room where A woman used to come and beat Loki every few minutes, she used to beat Loki again and again, whether she said yes or no to her words. Mobius goes to Ravonna and asks permission to interrogate Sylvie but Ravonna refuses, says you go and interrogate Loki.

Mobius goes to Loki and brings him to the interrogation room. Doesn’t answer but when Mobius says that I will send you again to the same place, Loki tells that this is our plan. Sylvie came to meet me in Assgaurd a long time ago, and that’s when we made this plan that we will completely replace TVA Will ruin you, and nobody living in TVA is not made by time guards, you all are variants like us, you have wives and kids all your memories have been erased by TVA but Sylvie reminds you of everything with her magic Maybe, Mobius doesn’t believe her words but thinks for a while, and goes to Ravonna.

On the other hand, Hunter B 15 when Sylvie fainted for the first time, then Hunter B 15 went to her old world when she was a common man, Hunter remembers this, and she goes to Sylvie to show the same world again. Sylvie shows off what makes Hunter B 15 convinced that she’s also a variant, whose motive is to ruin TVA.

Mobius goes to Ravonna and asks about Hunter C 20. Ravonna says she has gone mad. She has been destroyed, Mobius thinks Ravonna is lying. She steals Ravonna’s Tempad and keeps hers. When he leaves, he sees in the Tempad that the Hunter C 20 is screaming, saying we are all variants, and we are being made to erase our memories. Mobius is convinced that whatever Loki says. Ratha was right, he is about to run away with Loki when Ravonna reaches there and destroys Mobius and takes Sylvie and Loki to a room.

where all three-time guards sit, time guards Sylvie and Loki are ordered to be destroyed when Hunter B 15 comes and attacks from behind. Loki and Sylvie together kill all the guards but the Hunter is also killed, leaving Ravonna injuring Sylvie. Sylvie attacks the time guards with the help of a tool, at one point the time guard’s head is severed. Sylvie picks it up and sees that it is a simple robot, Loki was about to tell Sylvie something. Ravonna destroys Loki with her magic stick but Sylvie frees that stick from Ravonna Ravonna says you destroy me but Sylvie says not like this first you have to tell all the secrets, Episode 04 of Loki ends here goes.