Loki | Series (2021)| Episode 05 | Movie Review

Loki (Episode 05)


  • Tom Hiddleston (Loki)
  • Sophia Di Martino (Sylvie)
  • Owen Wilson (Mobius)
  • Gugu Mbatha Raw (Ravonna)


Loki In episode 04 it was seen that Ravonna destroys both Mobius and Loki and after that Ravonna catches Sylvie Now further episode 05 story Sylvie asks Ravonna tell me who runs this TVA Ravonna tells That I don’t know, who runs TVA and I am also trying to find out who is the owner of TVA and where does he live.

Ravonna tells that those we destroy go to a world from where it is not possible to come back Loki may be alive but to meet her you have to go the same way, Ravonna keeps Sylvie trapped in her words. That’s when some TVA guards reach there. Sylvie hides. Ravonna says you hand yourself over to us or else we will destroy you too, Sylvie had already taken that stick and Tempad from Ravonna, so Sylvie herself is that. Destroys it with the help of this stick.

Loki reaches another world, then a whirlwind of a storm comes to hunt him, the name of that storm is Alioth, the people who are destroyed by TVA reach this world and they are eaten by Alioth. Alioth comes to eat Loki, only then some people together save Loki, he takes them to his cave and tells everything, the name of all those people was also Loki, they all tell us that TVA, Loki’s only calls by name

After some time Sylvie also reaches there Sylvie was about to hunt Alioth that at the right time Mobius comes and saves her and tells about Alioth, then Sylvie says that it is so dangerous, it must have eaten Loki. But Mobius says no, Loki will not come so easily to anyone, he must have survived.

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Loki says with his two companions that let us kill that Alioth, everyone starts laughing at him and says let’s see him attack once, a boat on that earth, and some people come as soon as Alioth attacks them. Let’s us he also drops bombshells on Alioth but to no effect, and within a few minutes, the boat and he eats all the people. Loki gets shocked seeing this and says that we need to prepare more. is.

Loki and his friends were on their way back when they meet Mobius and Sylvie on the way then Sylvie tells Loki that we should attack Alioth, gives Mobius the Sylvie Tempad, and tells, go and ruin the whole TVA, Mobius He also says that I will burn it to ashes. Sylvie and Loki go to fight Alioth, with both Loki’s friends standing watching from afar.

Sylvie tells Loki to keep him busy by your side, and I will control him with my magic. First, he runs towards Loki but suddenly tries to eat Sylvie when a friend of Loki is bigger than his magic. Starts building a big building, from which he runs to eat Loki’s friend, Alioth eats Loki’s friend but on the other hand and the tornado is controlled by Loki and Sylvie together, after that the tornado is Loki and moves in front of Sylvie and they see a castle in front of them, both of them move towards her, then episode 05 ends.

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