The innocent

The innocent Episode 06| Web series review

The innocent (Episode 06)

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In the last episode 05 of The Innocent, Teo and one of his companions reach Mat’s brother’s house and catch Olivia and Mat runs away. Now in episode 06, Teo’s life will be told.


The beginning of episode 06 Teo is a member of a crime unit and his job is to raid the club and stop the illegal work, Anibal was the person with access which is why Teo wanted to take action against him by finding solid evidence, Teo in Anibal’s club starts commuting but Teo was a deceitful person understand that an alcoholic was given the task of closing a liquor store, Teo was not taking action at the Anibal level despite collecting evidence because he was getting deceitful was.

But when Teo murders two girls then Anibal had made a video of him and Anibal asks for a lot of money in exchange for that recording tape, Teo had a wife and a daughter in his family, he was afraid that if If this tape would be in their hands, then I would be ruined, so Teo kept running madly after the recording tape.

Teo takes Olivia with his partner to her house, Mat flees to Malaga, as Olivia receives a message that her daughter is waiting for him in Malaga, Teo asks Olivia for the keys to the locker of the recording Tape, Olivia refuses to give, Teo tells you to save Mat from going to jail, then she gives the key, Teo sends his partner to get Tape in the bank locker, only Teo and Olivia live in the house Teo hands Olivia realizes that this is the man who killed the girls we were working with.

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A fight ensues between Olivia and Teo, both with guns when Teo’s accomplice comes back with the tape. Olivia tells Teo’s accomplice that it is a murderer, Teo kills his accomplice too, Olivia runs away with all the tapes, she also runs to Malaga so that she can reach Mat, while leaving, also telling Ortiz on the phone that she is going to Malaga and her life is in danger.

Ortiz also goes to Malaga. leaves, Mat is caught by the police at Malaga’s airport, Olivia goes to Malaga’s club where she meets her old friend Kimmy Dale, Kimmy narrates her ordeal, how Teo tortured her, cut off her three fingers, Just for that recording tape, that’s where episode 06 ends.