The innocent

The innocent Series Episode 05. Movie Review

The innocent (Episode 05)

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The innocent Episode 05 begins with the story of Candan Russow ie Olivia Costa, Olivia Costa was born in the poorest settlement of Mexico, she did not know who her father was, and a few years after her birth her mother also died, she went to the orphanage and kept waiting, maybe a distant relative would come to pick me up, when she was 18, she ran away from the orphanage and reached Spain.

She started begging on the pavement, and one day also stole, due to which the police caught, the police were about to send him to the same ashram that Anibal freed from the police takes him to his club, feeds him and promises that he will give your passport too, but for all these things you have to pay my debt whichever was not possible.

Olivia also starts working as a sex worker with all the girls in that club, Anibal was so crazy about money that he didn’t care if anyone lived or died, one day Teo comes there, same Teo who was a member of the crime unit, Teo used to wear a mask over his mouth but he had a habit of twiddling his fingers, he murders two girls of the club on day 1, due to which Olivia, Emma and Kimmy Dale all By deceiving Anibal, they make a plan to escape.

But when Olivia and Emma run away, they are caught by Anibal. In the fight between Anibal and Olivia, Anibal is shot, Olivia and Emma run away with all the recording tapes, but Kimmy Dale is caught in all this because Kimmy has a plan. Told that Olivia did not work according to that plan, and Kimmy is caught by the police, Olivia and Emma run away to the same hostel where Emma worked as a nun, and from there Olivia too Finding a good job starts working.

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Olivia tells that when she used to work in the club, she got pregnant and did not know who the father of that child was? But it was definitely known that I am the mother of that child, Emma puts my children in the hostel where she was later hiding, later my daughter got a family, for a few years I forgot everything that What was I and now I am living a good life.

Then one day I get a call, and it is told that my daughter has a kidney problem for which I will have to pay, and when I went with the money, I found Ibai Saez there who took all my money, and you have a video of me Made and sent so that she can get that recording tape as well, this is the whole story Olivia was telling to her husband Mat so that all her confusion goes away, only then Teo and many cops arrive there, catching Olivia and Mat, For this reason, Mat escapes through the back door of the house and Olivia is captured by the Crime Unit, which ends Episode 05.