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Loki (TV Series) Episode 03. Full Story 2021

Loki (Episode 03)

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As told in the previous episode of Loki that with the help of a Tempad one can come and go anywhere by making a door, in the last part of Loki Episode 02 Lady Loki runs from there with the help of of of Tempad Loki also follows her. Now in episode 03 she goes to Lady Loki TVA and tries to kill everyone, Loki also reaches there and tries to stop her, only then TVA judge comes, and tries to destroy both. When Loki tries, with the help of Tempad, the lady disappears with Loki and they go to a planet that is about to collide with another planet.

Big fireballs fall on that planet. Lady Loki is called Loki, her cheap duplicate, so she tells her name, her name is Sylvie, she fights with Loki, this fight is to get that tempad but Loki makes that tempad disappear with his magic, but to go back to TVA, that tempad has to be charged, so both of them go out to find a power supply, only then they come to know that all the people here through train to another planet. But they also reach near the train, but they used to have a ticket on the train, which they do not have.

Loki wears the clothes of the guards by doing magic and Sylvie can control anyone’s mind, so she touches the rest of the guards and goes inside the train, after reaching inside the train, Loki drinks alcohol. The cop gets suspicious and throws Loki and Sylvie out of the moving train, due to which the Tempad is broken.

Sylvie gets very angry with Loki, after a city appears nearby from where people were being sent to another planet by rocket, they both start walking towards that city and talk to each other. Sylvie tells that her motive is to ruin TVA and rule it, she explains that the people working in TVA are also variants, that is their punishment that they have to work for TVA, they have forgotten everything. It is known that all the old-world things are removed from his mind so that he can work well.

Sylvie and Loki reach the city, but there are too many security guards, there try to stop Loki and Sylvie, a fight starts between them, where huge fireballs start falling, Just then that rocket collides with that other planet, all the passengers going die, this scene is amazing to watch but this is the end of episode 03.


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