Fatherhood (2021) movie review & film summary


⭐⭐⭐ – 5.7/10


  • Kevin Hart (Mat)
  • Anthony Carrigan (Oscar)
  • Melody Hurd
  • Deborah Ayorinde (Liz)
  • DeWanda (Swan)
  • Alfre Woodard (Marian)
  • Lil Rel (Jordan)


The story of the film Fatherhood shows that children can be raised not only by the mother of the child but also by the father, in which a man named Mat raises his daughter from the very day of birth because his wife raises the child. She dies as soon as she gives birth, in this entire film, from the birth of the child to his growing up, the troubles that the parents have to face, have been shown.


The fatherhood movie starts with a condolence meeting Kevin’s name is Mat playing the main role in Fatherhood, he tells about the accident that happened to him and in which his wife died. that everything was going well I was in the hospital with my wife, I was there when one of my daughters was born and we were all very happy His wife’s name was Liz, Liz’s parents also reached there and after congratulating Liz, he goes to the market to buy clothes for the baby, I was with Liz when Liz’s health suddenly worsens, she faints.

The doctor comes and I’m thrown out of the room. Yes, after some time the doctor comes out of that room and says that Liz is no longer in this world. After the condolence meeting is over, Liz’s mother Marian feels that Mat will not take care of her child well, so she says that Mat you come to my house with your daughter, I will get your job done are this girl.

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You won’t be able to take care of her alone and you won’t even be able to do a job Mat’s daughter was named Maddy, Mat argues with Marian that I will keep it with me and I will take care of it by staying in this city, Marian puts a condition in front of Mat, if you take care of it for six months, you will keep it with you, otherwise, I will take it to my house for life, Mat used to miss his wife Liz very much, Mat knew that If my daughter stays away from me, I may not be able to live for long. I need a reason to be alive that can become my daughter.

Marian goes home with her husband, Matt talks to her boss that she has to work from home for a few days so that she can take care of her daughter and I will come with my daughter when you call me to the office.

Will find, Mat also had two friends who fully supported Mat in all these things, one was Oscar and the other was Jordan, Mat, Maddy and Jordan used to go shopping in the mall and he used to make such small and big mistakes What a mother never does, she leaves Maddy in the store and goes away, although she goes back and brings it back immediately, Maddy used to cry a lot at night, which made her upset, stayed up all night to play games Even if he went with friends, he had to take Maddy there, in the middle of the game, Maddy used to cry, then everyone used to leave the game to silence, which was a lot of trouble.

Maddy gradually grows up and is taken to school, she used to wear boys’ clothes since childhood, so she used to wear boys’ clothes in school too, on which all the children used to make fun of Maddy and asked Mat to teachers. Had to hear about the dress but Maddy was not ready to wear the girl’s dress at all, Mat, Maddy, and Mat’s two friends all played cards together in the house, Oscar and Jordan wanted to keep Maddy happy.

That Mat should get married again so that his life becomes easier and Maddy starts getting mother’s love too, so he introduces Mat to a girl named Liz in the park one day, but everyone starts calling him by the name Swan because Mat wanted to have only one girl named Liz in his life and she was his wife, both Maddy and Swan get along very well, Mat is also happy to see that Mat leaves Maddy and goes to Swan’s house goes.

Maddy gets hurt in school due to which she is admitted to the hospital, Matt is also called but Mat doesn’t pick up the phone because he slept with Swan. After few hours Wah wakes up and runs to the hospital after reading the message. Gets his daughter Maddy on drugs and he breaks up with Swan in a fit of rage, Mat’s boss sends him to work in another country for a month, he leaves Maddy with his maternal grandmother, Marian, when Mat reaches the airport. Realizing that he will not be able to live without Maddy, he runs to Maddy again and says let’s go to our house.

Maddy comes home and asks where is Swan, Mat tells that I broke up with him, Maddy reaches Swan’s house with Mat, asks Mat to apologize Mat, Swan patch up again, Mat goes to drop his daughter Maddy to school, then wears girl’s clothes, so that the one who wants to laugh laughs at me, seeing that no one laughs at my daughter, the school teachers decide that, whatever they want, the same clothes Will wear and this is where the movie ends.

See or not

A fatherhood movie can make you emotional, but a Fatherhood movie doesn’t have any special story, it is about a father and raising his baby girl. I was quite bored while watching this, I also felt that it might be in the movie. There were some good turning points, but nothing like this has happened, this movie was very simple.