LOKI Series Episode 02 | Loki Marvel


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Note: In this episode one more Loki has been told so we will call Randy to understand the second Loki.


Loki Episode 01 Mobius says Loki we need your help and it is you yourself, now from episode 02 Loki tells that the one you are looking for is another Loki, Loki was punished for violating TVA rules. He will have to spend a few days in TVA only.

Mobius knew Randy is also very dangerous and cunning, he runs away by deceiving us again and again and we will only catch him if we have with us the same thinking person who is cunning and dangerous, that is Loki, Mobius, from the judge asks permission that he is going to capture Randy for which he wants to take Loki as well. The judge allows Mobius, Loki, Hunter B-15, and his guards all go to a place where he has attacked before and the rest. The guards were killed.

Randy also stole TVA’s reset remote, by which he could come anywhere, the reset remote is the gadget that destroys the lines from the timeline. All the TVA people join the investigation, they have only It takes 3 units of time to do work because in 3 units that line joins the red line. TVA people work in units, the time that moves in the universe does not apply to them.

Loki keeps TVA’s people entangled in his talk so that he doesn’t catch Randy and first agrees to my terms and then we will catch Randy at the same time unit-3 of TVA ends, due to which everyone is back Has to come and without catching Randy, Mobius gives Loki a jacket with the variant written on it so that our people can resort to it but keep a close eye on it and don’t trust it, otherwise it might run away Hai Mobius gives all the files to Loki and tells you to read everything about the other Loki, Randy, and then we will catch him according to your plan.

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Loki, after investigating Randy a lot, understands where he might be, Loki explains his plan to Mobius. Mobius is not ready to follow his plan, but when Loki shows him some demos. So Mobius understands everything. Mobius, Loki, and TVA’s guards again go to a Roxxcart Mall in 2050 to catch Randy, where everyone is about to die in a storm. become.

Loki Hunter lives with B-15, only then a person appears inside the mall, as soon as Hunter touches that person she faints, Loki asks are you the other gourd i.e. Randy, he says Hai please don’t call me Loki you can call me Randy, Loki tells Randy that we can be one, together we will destroy the entire TVA and rule TVA, Randy turns down the offer and disappears Only then a powerful person comes there and starts killing Loki.

Loki also starts fighting her, Mobius, on the other hand, asks Hunter for her status, she tells that Loki ran away, Randy activates the reset remotely, to destroy everyone and run away on her own, he turns into a girl and goes to that gate, only then Mobius reaches there and says that Loki you don’t run away but Loki also goes inside through that door, that ends episode 02.


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