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The Innocent (2021)| Web Series

The innocent Episode 04

Note: The story of Episode 04 of The Innocent starts from here, Click here to watch all the episodes


The story of episode 04 of The innocent begins with the hospital where Mat is admitted, the news of Ibai Saez’s death spreads to all the news channels, police think that Ibai Saez might have been killed by Mat, Mat As he sees this news in the hospital, he understands that the police will not spare him and that he will not be able to prove his innocence, Mat and Olivia manage to escape from the hospital by another route but the police find out immediately. that Mat and Olivia are on the run.

The police chase them and this news is given to Ortiz by the police, the crime unit officer thinks that if we do not support Ortiz, we may not be able to get that recording tape, so he gives Ortiz everything. Explains things, but Crime Minute Officer Teo does not reveal that he has a videotape of himself in it, which he is doing all this to get, Mat and Olivia knew that the police would definitely come to catch them. As he hides in his brother’s house, Ortiz and both officers from the crime unit go to a retired colonel.

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The one who knew a lot about Anibal and his club says that Anibal used to present the girls in his club like angels, which captivated everyone. The colonel tells that two girls danced in a concert, Their dance was really amazing, with one named Kimmy Dale and the other named Candan Russow, as the Colonel shows a picture, Ortiz immediately recognizes that Olivia is cheating on her by changing her name.

Mat reaches her brother’s house and she asks Olivia what’s going on. Tell me the truth. Then she explains that my name is Candan Russow and I used to work in a club, where I was completely then Mat understands everything why people want to kill me, or destroy me, why he is doing this he is not my enemy but Olivia’s enemy, Mat says that if I If caught by the police, we will never be able to prove our innocence, here is the last scene of this episode.