Skater Girl

Skater Girl (2021) Movie Review & film summary

Skater Girl


  • Amrit Maghera (Jessica)
  • Rachel saanchita (Prerna)
  • Waheeda Rehman (Maharani)
  • Jonathan Readwin (Erick)
  • Ankit Yadav (Vikram)


The movie Skater Girl starts with the problems of an Indian poor girl, and she works against her parents and many problems, and one day she frees not only herself but the children of the whole village from the orthodox ideology. The film is based on a true story, the evidence of which still exists in Rajasthan, India.


At the beginning of the movie Skater Girl, a girl named Prerna is shown, she is from Rajasthan, India, she belongs to a very poor family who had only one meal a day, she had to drop her younger brother Ankush at school. for sitting on a skateboard made of wood, she does not even know that its name is skateboard.

Prerna could not even go to school due to lack of school dress, but whenever she went to school, the master would put her in the cleanliness of the school, even then she did not want to go to school, then a girl comes to that village. From, whose name is Jessica, her father was born in this village and spent her childhood too, when Jessica comes to know about this, she comes to that village to feel her father’s childhood.

Jessica was walking around the whole village when she sees two boys fighting among themselves in the mud, one of which was boy Ankush, and the other boy was studying in Ankush’s class. Ankush picks up the mud and throws it at the boy, but He goes to Jessica and starts leaving Jessica angry and then Prerna sees the whole incident, Prerna apologizes to Jessica and helps to clean the mud.

After some time, Ankush also reaches there with his skateboard and apologizes to Jessica Jessica asks Ankush do you like skating Ankush says what is this, Jessica tells that it is your hand. I have its name is Skateboard and running it is called skating, Jessica puts her picture on social media with Ankush and skateboard, a few days later she sees the photo and a friend of Jessica, Erick also reaches there, with He also brings his skateboard and starts showing skating stunts to the children of the village. All the children become very happy, he asks Prerna to try and teach a little, Prerna feels good about skating.

She asks Erick for her skateboard, Erick says take it but then return it too, Prerna pushes the skateboard into the pond while skating, the skateboard breaks down, she takes it to Erick, Erick is angry to see her But Jessica takes care of him and on the second day Jessica brings skateboard for all the kids, all the kids start skating all over the village, the kids leave the school due to which FIR against the principal of the school Jessica. The police warn them both that this is India, and here it is a crime to skate in a public place, this is the first time, so I am leaving you again, you will be jailed.

Jessica understands that it would not be good to act against the law, she has put up posters everywhere that children who do not go to school will not be allowed to skate, all the children start going to school Jessica lives in the hotel. The owner was Vikram, Vikram was a resident of the village Jessica says we have to meet the Chief minister here Vikram takes him to the Chief minister Jessica asks the Chief minister for help that I have to build a skatepark in this village Chief minister giving some excuses Refusing to fund Jessica, Jessica leaves in anger.

Then Vikram tells that if we go to the queen, then maybe our work can be done easily, Erick goes to Bangalore to build a skate park where his friends do the same thing Jessica tells her plan to the queen and says that, if If you help, we can do something good for this village, the queen gets ready, prepares the entire fund system and also gives her land so that a skate park can be built on it. Erick brings his friends and works hard day and night to build a skatepark.

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After this, everyone is made to practice for a few days, after that Erick’s friends return, only then the Chief minister call comes and he tells Vikram that I also want to help, Vikram understands that it is because of the election. The chief minister is ready to do everything Jessica tells him to organize a national level skating competition after 3 months, all the children of the village start preparing for the competition Prerna and Ankush go to practice at night without the family members Used to leave the house of information and practice.

But one day Prerna falls in the skatepark, she gets hurt. The family finds out, Prerna’s father yells at Jessica and tells her to stay away from her kids. Jessica also realizes that if any of these happen. Whose responsibility will it be if the hands are broken, maybe Prerna’s father is right, the very next day Jessica asks for gloves for all the children to put on hands and feet so that no one gets hurt, Prerna’s father decides Prerna’s marriage. Let Prerna get married on the same day as the skating championship.

Prerna can’t even go for practice because her father had set her skateboard on fire, a few days later, the wedding day arrives. Prerna is dressed up in the bride’s clothes and the procession also comes to Prerna’s house. Feels that she has her last chance to do something, she runs away from her home to Skate Park. On the way, she meets the Queen. She takes Prerna in her car to the skatepark, Prerna takes part in a competition with her parents. Father also finds him and reaches there, everyone is clapping for Prerna. Prerna also wins the competition, her parents also realize that what they were doing was wrong. The film ends.

See or not

You should watch Skater Girl film because at the end of this film tears start coming out of the eyes, this film is very emotional, but you must have seen such a story before because the ending of this movie is similar to many movies. Maybe that’s why you have seen this movie before or you may not find its story too interesting, Jessica has got to see the best character in this whole film, because she never gives up, that too at the place where No one is her own, she constantly strives for others, that is one worth learning from this movie.