Loki E01 (TV Series) 2021

Loki Episode 01


  • Tom Hiddleston (Loki)
  • Owen Wilson ( Mobius)
  • Gugu Mbatha Raw (Ravonna)
  • Wunmi Mosaku (Hunter B – 15)


Loki Episode 01 shows Loki aspires to be the king of the entire universe, but he gives up on the speed of time which causes him to be captured by the timeline keeper, and his hopes are shattered.


Loki Episode One begins with Avenger Endgame 2019, where Loki disappears with the Space Stone and leaves the present time and returns to the old times, flees to Mongolia, but Loki’s finds out. It doesn’t seem that the universe has time guards to steer time in the right direction, as Loki’s time-variant authorities (TVA) learn that it has a member named Hunter B. -15, she reaches Loki with her security guards and she tells that you have disturbed the timeline, due to which you will have to walk with us to TVA court where you will face case.

Loki says maybe you don’t recognize my powers, Loki threatens to kill everyone when Hunter hits Loki with a loud slow-motion punch, puts a strap around his neck, and switches that strap to himself. So that she can control Loki whenever she wants, all her information and signature and her clothes are changed before Loki is taken to TVA’s court. Just like in real life, the guards there are very strict, they can even use their powers to kill the prisoners if they argue with them.

Loki reaches TVA’s court, he is asked to confess his crimes, but Loki is not ready for all these things, he says that you are all doing drama, there is no such thing as TVA and I am very soon. I am going to rule the universe, then I will teach you a lesson, the judge of the court Ravonna is about to send Loki for punishment, only then a respected lawyer of that court reaches there and he knew a little bit about Loki, His name was Mobius.

He asks the judge for permission to interrogate Loki on his own terms and takes Loki to the room where the interrogation takes place and also keeps the switch that Hunter used to control Loki.

Mobius asks Loki why do you do all this, Loki says I do all this for the good of the people Mobius shows all the bad deeds of Loki on the front screen, Loki tries to run away from there. But he can’t even run because of that switch controller, in that screen Loki is also shown that he will kill his mother later.

Then he will die at the hands of Thor, Mobius leaves for some time as soon as Loki runs away with that switch, tries to run away from that TVA but can’t escape, and he also finds an infinity gem.

Asks an employee why it is lying here, he tells that we use it for paperweight so that the paper does not fly, seeing this, the gourd understands that he cannot get out of here of his own free will, He is convinced of the TVA and goes back to his room, where Mobius had taken him. Mobius says that a person is troubling us a lot so we need your help, Loki asks who is that person. Mobius says that you are the person himself, with this the first episode ends.

See or Not

Whether you should watch this tv show or not, it will be known only after watching the entire episode. But if you watch Avengers Endgame and you like movies like Avengers, then you will like it very much.


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