Blue miracle

Blue Miracle (2021). Movie Review (Blue miracle mtg)

Blue Miracle

  • Cast:
  • Dennis Quaid (wade)
  • Jimmy Gonzales (Omar)
  • Dana wheeler (Tricia)
  • Fernanda Urrejola (Becca)
  • Bruce McGill (Wayne)
  • Miguel Angel Garcia (Moco)

Movie introduction

Blue miracle movie, it has been shown that one should not give up on the strange situation in his life and should always face the situation with truth and honesty and in this movie also the hero of the movie should face such a situation in his life. Faces and keeps on losing, but he does not give up till the end and keeps trying, in the end, he wins.

movie story

The beginning of the Blue miracle movie shows Omar sitting with his father on a vote in the sea when he sees himself as a child and suddenly the boat capsizes in the water then Omar is shown waking up from his sleep. Actually, he has had a dream of his past when he was 8 years old and went fishing with his father, where his father dies in an accident and somehow Omar is saved Omar’s eyes open his Wife Tricia and many kids are there and he says that Tweety disappeared again actually, Omar was running an orphanage whose name is Kasa Hoga now Omar goes to find Tweety which he finds by the sea He brings her and puts her to sleep. Wakes up everyone for breakfast in the morning after that tells her that he is going to town for his car.

Then Omar is getting a nail from the tire of the car when Omar comes to Tweety. And explains to him that his mother is not going to come back, he also says that whenever he is sad, he writes his wish on a paper and puts it in that door and God listens to him tweety He takes the nail and is about to leave for the city that a policeman comes with a child and the policeman says he was stealing a fisherman’s watch this kid’s name is Moco It happens Omar tells the child that he should remove the watch from his mouth and says that if you return it to the one who has this clock, I will save you and those people go to return and the one who has this watch the name is wade is a very bad kind of guy and turns him back the clock and says sorry to him and then the news shows that there is going to be a big storm in the city and then all the kids are having dinner

(Blue Miracle) It is that Omar tells about the coming storm, then tells everyone to prepare for the storm, at night when the storm is coming, everyone sleeps together, then the children get scared due to lightning, then Tricia starts singing and Everyone gets sleepy but Omar starts remembering his old things then it is morning and Omar asks Tricia about the ration then says that almost an A week will go on, then Omar gets a call from the bank, he has to pay $ 170000 of the bank otherwise his property will be confiscated then he goes to Bisbee for help, Bisbee is a big man of the city then tells him that from the bank Talk to him for some more time and he also asks for a pump so that he can remove water from his house, then Bisbee is giving him yes.

Bisbee organize a tournament every year, meanwhile Black and Professional tournament and it has been happening continuously for the last 20 years, it is also called fishing football, many countries also participate in it and it lasts for 3 days, any team If he gets the biggest fish, then that team is the winner, now because of the storm, a lot of the team has gone back to the fishermen. Wade comes to register himself, then Bisbee refuses him that he is not from the local. wade says he has won the championship twice he should get a chance then Bisbee comes up with a plan he says he should make time with Omar. Omar comes home tweety gives him a drawing and says nail it to the door For this Wade comes to Omar and he tells him about the tournament that he should make a team and he says tomorrow come on his board with some people and we will make it together and wade leaves from there

(Blue Miracle) Then Omar sees Tweety’s drawing which tweety has made that Omar is participating in the tournament, here Omar also needs money, he also agrees to participate in the tournament and all the children are very excited. Happen chooses Hollywood’s Ko and Vicky from among the children and after showing too many tantrums near the spot, he also agrees that the first day of the tournament has come, these people look at Wade’s boat and get a little disappointed.

This boat is a little older than the others participating and the first day’s play starts and people leave, after going a little far from here, the boat of the wade stops and says that when the fish is caught, there is a rule It happens that after catching any fish rod, if any fish comes in it, then the same person will have to be pulled, tell you that nothing special happens between me and other children, then after some time the fishing rod starts moving. It says that this fish is caught, now Moco starts pulling the fish but it is not a fish but garbage haj all people are very sad and first The day’s tournament ends

(Blue Miracle) In which a team has caught a Bloomdalen weighing 165 kg, now it will have to catch a bigger fish to win the tournament and they have only 2 days, now these people go to their house at night, Omar goes home and sees that his old Franker meets him. Aaya who is very rich and also brings a uniform for the team offers to sell the truck to Francor seeing his problem but Omar refuses him then next morning it is morning and goes with his team to mingle with the kids. Wade comes to Wade and keeps asking him about his baby. Wade says that he is no longer kept with them. Today it is fine to draw fish from someone else.

After some time we are shown that we are standing near the road and the rest of the people are doing their work at the back, suddenly the rod starts moving and this time the fish is trapped in the real which makes everyone sound that there is a big fish and vici start pulling the rod, now everyone is very excited and moco feels a little jealous and those people start fighting with each other and fall in the water, except wade no one knows how to swim in water then wade is confused He goes to pull the fish to save the children and then he leaves the fish and jumps into the water, saves the children but the fish gets out of his hands, gets very angry and locks himself in the room. The second day’s play is over and he comes home with Omar.

(Blue Miracle) Tells her that the bankers had come, they also took photos of the property, comes there and asks her to put the drawing, which would have won the tournament, everyone goes to sleep and goes to Omar wade for some food. Talking about things, the bank talks with his mouth and hides it and leaves from there but wade understands that at night, wade goes to Omar’s place and shows him a fish that he has bought and says That there is no other option but this is cheating that he has done this before when he won the tournament for the second time, Omar agrees that moco is watching everything from above

(Blue Miracle) Then the next morning comes and starts preparing to go to the tournament, then everyone sits on the boat and the boat starts moving, after going a little further, the vote engine stops, wade tells everyone to take them back, so that in the bite Now everyone goes away, so wade tells omar to cut it and wade goes to get the rod and omar puts his hand in the pocket to wipe the sweat, then something pricks in his hand and blood When he starts checking, he has the same nail in his pocket, after thinking for a while, throws the fish in the water so that he is about to cheat, then wade is very angry and says that by this we win Now nothing can happen, it is watching everyone from behind, everyone goes there, gives a long wide honesty speech to everyone and like us and you children also feel all this speech and get angry and leave from there. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and then omar threw that nail into the water

Then suddenly the fishing rod starts moving, then chato starts saying that a big fish is stuck, everyone gets excited and starts coming towards it and Omar grabs the rod and starts giving it to the wade that he says that you have caught and now this You have to call whoever says that we have caught fish and this news spreads everywhere, everyone’s eyes are on Omar, it’s almost 40 minutes. Omar starts getting tired and misses all the children. He remembers the scene of his childhood when he went fishing with his father and his boat sank and finally, Omar pulls the fish and wins and then also gets the check of money now Omar tells wade that now you really are a two-time champion and that’s where the Blue Miracle movie ends.

See or Not

You must watch Blue Miracle movie because this movie depicts the struggle of a person who is struggling with a financial crisis, but he never gives up on his circumstances. But such a day comes in everyone’s life. The day of struggle comes when you do not have to deal with financial constraints. Maybe this motivates you to be an inspiration on-off or gives you some idea if you ever face such trouble in your life.