the innocent

The Innocent (2021) web series review & summary

The innocent Episode 03

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Note: The story of episode 3 of The Innocent will start from here, click here to watch episode one or episode two


At the beginning of episode 03 of The Innocent, the story of the nun who is dead is told Emma. She worked long ago in a club owned by Anibal and had a lot of girls working in that club. There, customer service was also provided. Anibal used to blackmail minors and girls who have no one, by giving them money and confiscating their visas,s and keeping them as their slaves, from Emma to Anibal slowly. Fell in love, she also became his girlfriend, but when Anibal and Emma fought, Emma hid in a hostel and started working as a nun

Ortiz arrives at Mat’s house and she shows Emma’s picture and asks do you recognize it, Mat flatly refuses, Ortiz begins to investigate the matter vigorously, she interrogates Dainy’s parents. After that she goes to the jail and asks a person if you can tell anything about Mat, that person tells that, Mat is an ordinary-looking person but he is not ordinary, he has also tried to kill someone inside the jail. The prisoner was murdered.

On the other hand, two officers of the crime unit reach the hostel where Emma lived as Nun, a person from the crime unit was named Teo, Teo forces the hostel professor to tell all the secrets of Emma given by Professor Emma. Gives an envelope, the people of the crime unit open that envelope, they find a key in it, that key is of a bank locker, this key is of the bank locker in which the recording tape is hidden. Anibal first used to hand over the big people of the country to minor girls to rape them and then used to blackmail everyone by making videos of them and taking money.

The same day Mat’s detective tells him in which hotel his wife is staying, Mat reaches to meet her, as soon as Mat enters the room she is killed by a man named Ibai Saez, she Injuring Mat and runs away, Mat follows him as well as Mat’s wife Olivia Costa runs after, Mat is her detective too, Mat faints as soon as I leave the hotel, Because he is badly injured, Mat and his wife both go to the hospital. The police caught Mat’s detective, as the police find a gun with him, and Ibai Saez’s body is also found a short distance away, but this is not known. It is not known who killed Ibai Saez. Part 03 ends here.