Fast & furious

F9: Fast & Furious 9 (2021) Movie Review

Fast & Furious 9

Rating – 6.3/10


  • Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto)
  • John Cena (Jakob)
  • Michelle Rodriguez (Letty)
  • Tyrese Gibson (Roman Pearce)

Movie introduction

Fast & Furious 9 movie, there are two brothers who fight for the old revenge, in which one goes to get a ball of fire and both the brothers meet each other and there is also a fight of both the brothers in which they fight among themselves and then in that fireball. Which is a magnetic power and then there is a fight till the end of the film and then after killing the old enemy, both the brothers stop the destruction of the whole city.

movie story

Fast & Furious 9 At the beginning of the film we see a racer who is giving his life for his race Dominic Toretto looks young because this scene is from 1989 and the racer is his father and he is fully supporting and the race During Dominic Toretto’s father’s car accident, the car explodes and catches fire and Dominic Toretto’s father is dead and Dominic Toretto becomes very emotional and starts screaming loudly and then dom’s nephew Jakob who is learning to work with his uncle and dom is teaching him good things and then there is an entry as Leti’s Leti approaches, he feels that there is some movement and then he goes to his They come with guns and see that the car is coming towards them and then they are about to shoot that roman comes out of them roman comes out of the car and says do you welcome the guest like this and then Remshi from that car and tej comes out and then a video is played in which one is talking about the fireball.


Which has become very expansive and all three say that we should bring him and ask for his help but he flatly refuses and leaves in anger but then he thinks and regrets that my team has helped me so much so that’s all I can do for them and then all three of them go out to get that fireball and then they all get out of their cars and Leti goes by bike like she is on fire When they reach the place of the ball, there is an attack on them and who is the attacker, nothing is known yet, just the fighting goes on and Roman gets stuck at one place and falls into a pit there, then there he gets a get a gun.

And they start firing indiscriminately kills everyone and absolutely can’t believe he killed everyone The fireball is near Leti and Leti is moving very fast from the bike and lots of booms from the plane above Some missiles fall around Dom’s car and some missiles fall around Tej’s car but a missile falls on Roman’s truck, causing his rear side to fire. Then the truck gets out of control and it starts moving directly towards the ditch and while moving towards the ditch it collides with a stone and as soon as it is about to fall it makes jumping movements and it jumps down. goes and the truck also falls on him then Remshi and tej think Roman is dead and they start to regret and after a few moments Roman comes out from behind the truck and stands in front of them.

Then Tej tells Roman that you are human or God you don’t kill and says you keep quiet and here Leti confronts to save that fireball and she is in a lot of trouble and behind her car a lot. All the people are lying and attack her car and she is seen flying in the air and she is about to fall that Dom takes her to the car but the fireball falls and the next moment there is an entry. John Cena who is Dom’s younger brother and starts trying to run away by picking up that fireball, but Dom, who does not give up so quickly, follows his younger brother at full speed, and the next moment the plan is from above. Comes, who has magnetic power inside and he blows up John Cena’s car and attacks on Dom’s car, many people attack and he thinks that it is impossible to escape then he falls the car into a ditch and There he reaches the other side with the help of many ropes, the car breaks down but both survive.

And then it is shown to Dom’s team who asks him who was he who was attacking us then tells that I was my younger brother Jeckap then tells him all the things about how he was in childhood and his father’s death How did it happen and how did he go to jail and he thinks it is all because of him then john Cena means Jakob is shown and sulfur is shown and she survived in fast and furious 8 and she wants to take revenge and In return, joins Jakob and promises to kill him, then Dom and Miya show up and Miya says that Jakob wants to kill her, then Miya tells her that he might try to kill you.

can’t spoil And then here Remshi fireball test and she sees that this fireball has magnetic power and is understanding it well and then it is shown to Dom who is telling his team member that Jakob is very dangerous, he will not give up so quickly he is very angry and I can do anything so we should be ready in advance and then he says go and find a high-speed car and then both of them leave and looking, again and again, like high-speed car On which there are many cylinders, due to which his speed is very fast and then ask for trial and take trial, runs very fast and explodes in the middle, then Roman tells him that better then our car is good. At least he will be alive on it, then after some information, it comes to know that Jakob is going to attack his team and the team gets alert in advance and does all the planning.

(Fast & Furious 9) Then comes Jakob and Dom and Jakob fight along with a magnetic car, just as Dom was vanquished by Safar in Fast & Furious 8, Safar controls Jakob and then Jakob And Dom gets the same level and then both of them challenge each other to kill each other and then both start planning to kill each other and then Roman and Tej are shown who have taken the space. Wearing suits that are supposed to tamper with the satellites and we see Jakob attack Dom’s car and then they both have a long fight under them and use some magnetic power which causes all the metal to become one. clinging to each other and destroying everything and along with it a monster truck that is causing havoc all over the city, it is revealed that Dominic Toretto and Jakob are together and both Together they kill Safar, after killing both the brothers together save the whole city and save the city as well as save their lives. The team also saves the member and with this, the film ends.

See or not

You will get enough to see the fighting scenes in the movie fast and furious 9, which will look absolutely real, but the story in the movie is not special, in which you will not need to put your mind to understand, watch fast and furious 9 After that, you will hardly be able to remember it for a long time because it has seen this type of story in the first part of the movie and nothing special will be seen except fighting.