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  • Teo Gracia (max)
  • Oscar jaenada (Lucero)
  • Oscar casas (Leo)
  • Andrea Duro (Maria)
  • Sergio Paris (Finito)
  • Mai albet (Jaro)


Xtremo movie story is related to the sons and daughters of a gangster. In this big boy is crazy and wants to kill all his siblings and father to become the leader of the gangster, Xtremo will get full of fighting scenes but There is nothing like mystery in the movie. The entire movie is shown as a serial, and neither the movie has been linked to any other story, so the concept of Xtremo movie looks a bit light.

movie story

At the very beginning of Xtremo, a gangster is shown who has two sons and a daughter, and all three of them also live on the same path and help their father, one of them was a close relative of the older boy, the other a boy and another The girl was a stepmother, the older boy named Lucero and a boy Max and a girl named Maria 1 day the gangster sends his older boy Lucero to deal with the younger boy Max for a party, Lucero hated Max And that from his father too, because he wanted to be the leader of gangsters, and there were two in between.


Lucero deliberately fights during the deal and stops Max from the bottom so that Max doesn’t understand everything, Lucero calls out to Max, I’ve been attacked, Max is a big fighter, and he’s all kills, Lucero tells his father on the phone call that the deal is not done and I killed everyone, Lucero tells Max to go home and says that I will take care of Dad, Lucero’s father As soon as it arrives, Lucero kills his father as well, Lucero’s sister Maria runs away because she knew Lucero would not leave her either.

Xtremo (Xtreme)
Xtremo (Xtreme)

Max arrives at his house and continues to talk to his son, when Lucero sends his gang man Finito, Finito kills Max and his son, wife, when Maria arrives and saves Max. For 2 years, Max and Maria gather all the information about how to defeat Lucero.

On the other side of Xtremo there is a boy named Leo who studies in college, and also used to supply drugs to college boys, the financial condition of his house is weak so he used to do this, the name of that boy’s boss is Jaro The boy also steals money by deceiving his boss, which Jaro finds out Jaro beats up to Leo one day, Leo and Max befriended when Max trains himself in his garage, and Leo in Max had glimpses of his boy, so Max was very fond of Leo.

When Max learns that Leo was killed by Jaro, Max brutally kills Jaro and the entire staff and asks who is your boss, Jaro reveals that his boss is Finito, Finito’s older than Max. There is enmity, Jaro tells this Finito that a man named Max has killed all of us a lot, Finito goes to Leo’s house and kills the whole family, Leo reaches home. Finito tries to kill him too. But then Max reaches there and rescues Leo and takes him to Maria, Lucero calls a meeting, wants to declare himself the leader of the gangster by paying all the gangsters and paying them.

Max comes to know about this, if Lucero becomes the leader of the gangster then no one can even touch Lucero, Max goes to Lucero’s club to get all the money that Lucero has to pay for the meeting, Max, Lucero also kills all of Lucero’s men. Lucero comes to know about this, he is angry with Finito, because Finito told Lucero 2 years ago, that I killed Max. Then how is this Max alive again, Max calls Lucero, Lucero challenges Max to fight himself, Max kills all Lucero’s gunmen and reaches Lucero.

Lucero and Max have a spectacular five to 7-minute fight, Lucero kneels down, a drama scene begins in front of Max, which you must have seen in many movies, placing Maria at Finito gunpoint Asks Max to surrender, Max surrenders then Maria and Max get beaten up but Maria was also a good fighter so she kills Finito, then Max and Mari together kill Lucero, Xtremo The movie ends here.

See or not

You will get enough to see the fighting scenes in Xtremo Movie, which will look absolutely real but the story in Xtremo Movie is nothing special, and there is nothing like mystery in this movie, Xtremo Movie was presented directly as a serial In which you will not need to brainstorm at all to understand, after watching Xtremo you will hardly be able to remember it for a long time because apart from fighting, nothing special will be seen.

Film Credit: Xtreme 2021

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