The innocent

The Innocent 2021. Web series Review Episode 02

The Innocent (episode 2)

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(THE INNOCENT)The second episode begins with a new story, in which a police officer and his wife live along with a small child, the officer’s wife didn’t have a good relationship with the officer, so the two get divorced, and the girl gets married. The mother starts taking away, the officer starts crying after seeing all this and shoots herself, after which the mother of the girl sends the girl to a hostel and never comes to meet her after that, the name of that girl. Ortiz grows up to become a police detective.

One day Ortiz receives a phone call in which she learns that a nun has committed suicide in the same hostel she studied in. Ortiz arrives there and the body goes for post-mortem. Ortiz begins to identify her. Who is this nun, the doctor who did the post-mortem tells that it is a nun, but on the night of suicide, he has also made a relationship with a man, that too of his own free will?

(THE INNOCENT)Then Ortiz is called by his boss and says that we have got a message from the top officer (Crime Unit) that we should stay away from this case, to which Ortiz expresses his displeasure and says that he is working very hard on this case. and he is now being asked to drop the case.

The police commissioner sends two crime unit officers for this case but Ortiz still does not leave the case, she knew that some secret is being hidden in this case, which can cause problems to many senior officers. Well, Ortiz finds a person’s number on a paper in the nun’s room, he is caught and interrogated, to which he explains that last night we met at a club, and I’ve had a relationship with him before. So I convinced him and we went to a hotel and then we did everything we liked.

(THE INNOCENT)I then dropped him off at his house and gave him my number so that we could meet if ever we wanted to. Ortiz checks the cameras on the streets to see if this person was right. On the other hand, people from the crime unit leave with Ortiz’s body without informing him. With this, the second episode ends, The relationship between the first and second episodes of The Innocent is shown in the last minute or two of episode 02.


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