The innocent

The Innocent 2021 (Netflix Series) Review with Story

The Innocent (Episode 01)


  • Mario casas (Mat)
  • Aura garrido (Olivia Costa)
  • Martina Gusman (Kimmy Dale)
  • Alexandra Jimenez (Lorena Ortiz)
  • Juana Acosta (Emma)
  • Jose Coronado (Teo)
  • Miki esparbe (Anibal)


The Innocent Series is produced by Netflix. This series should only be seen by people 18+ years old. The Innocent depicts the story of an innocent person, in which he is an Innocent, but circumstances do not leave him, he somehow Even when not committing a crime, all the crimes were related to him. Due to which he keeps running to prove himself innocent throughout the series, hence this series has been named The Innocent.


The Innocent begins with a club party attended by both Mat and his brother when Mat falls in love with a girl and Mat goes dancing with her. Meanwhile, Mat pushes a boy named Dainy and his head hits a stone lying on the ground, and Danny dies, Mat did not want to kill him but it was an accident. Tha Danny’s death sentence Mat gets 4 years in jail, Mat was a decent person due to which he had to face a lot of troubles in jail.

Mat parents die while in jail, and he comes home on 1-day leave from prison, goes to the club at night, where he finds a girl, walks around with the girl overnight, and also promises to meet the girl tomorrow but does not tell her that he has taken a day off from jail. He is released after Mat has completed 4 years, his brother comes to take him to jail, his brother dies in a few days.

He starts working in his brother’s company when he sees the girl he met while in prison, named Olivia Costa, both of them fall in love and go to look for a new flat, Just then Olivia gets a phone call, Olivia says that she will have to go out for a few days due to company work, the next day a video of Olivia comes in Mat phone in which she is seen sleeping without clothes, Mat Frustrated, he wants to contact Olivia, but can’t get through.


Mat takes the help of a private detective and tries to find out where she is Olivia. Sonia used to see her son Danny inside Mat, and Mat also called Sonia a mother. One morning a policeman arrives at Detective Mat’s house named Ortiz, but as Ortiz approaches Mat, Mat receives a call, and a man threatens him not to tell Ortiz anything. The name of the person giving is ibai saez. The first part of the series ends here.

See or not

This series must be watched. This is a very good series and if you watch it once then you can recommend others too.

CREDIT: The Innocent


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