The woman in the window

The Women in the Window 2021. Worst Movie. Rating and Review.

The Women in the Window

Dr.Anna (Amy Adams)
Alistair Russell (Gary Oldman)
Jame Russell (Jennifer Jason)
Ethan Russell (Fred Hechinger)
Dr. Landy (Tracy Letts)

Movie introduction

The Women in the Window has a doctor who is battling a disease called agro phobia which causes a lot of trouble in his life and this movie consists of a murder involving a family member himself and solving the problem by ending it. She goes

Movie Story

At the beginning of The Women in the Window, we see Doctor Annie suffering from agro phobia and living in New York. There is agro phobia agitation disorder in this, people do not feel safe around the surroundings, such people panic attack when they go outside. It seems that their BP increases and the heartbeat becomes fast. There is also difficulty in breathing Often, the seat of such condition arises due to the traumatic event and such people always stay at home, now the special thing here was that Annie is a child psychiatrist herself. She was separated from her husband and their daughter did not live near her father. In the beginning, we see Anne talking to her daughter over the phone.

Annie’s house was a large 3 story house and she was living alone with a cat. She had rented the house and lived as a single man named David. Anne had not moved out of this house for 9 months. Her psychiatrist Doctor Lendy was very upset seeing the condition, she gave Anne the task of looking at the neighbors every day and taking note of their routine, now one morning she sees that a new family shift has taken place in the neighborhood house 1O1 i.e. the Russell family here But a few days after his arrival, a 15-year-old boy named Eitan arrives at Annie’s house to meet her, but Anne starts giving him a welcome gift, but she calls him inside the house and gives him his introduction. Let’s ask about her mom and dad, Etan gets a little surprised about her profession

It seems that what the children need is the doctor of the mind. What disease can they have? Annie says that many types of depression get rid of the pressure of competition, etc., and he befriends her quickly and Ethan is with his father. Was quite afraid that he was being used physically now, this is the matter, Anne notices that Anne was normal inside the house, she could not go outside the house, now the next day was Halloween, David had to bring some candy inside the house. Does the children of the neighborhood were going to come in the night, but Annie refuses to say that I will turn off all the lights of the house so that it is understood that the house is closed.

David wanted to send her out of the flowing house of heroin but she was not in a mood to try. Now at night the children start making noise outside the house and start throwing eggs at home. They knew that Annie would stay at home. Annie’s children were not stupid, Annie starts to shout at the main door, and if the children do not believe, she opens a little door, so she has a panic attack and she faints. Now the next day we find a lady in Annie’s house. Let’s see who picks up Annie, Annie thinks that it is Jam Russell, Ethan’s mom, she starts telling him about his condition and they both drink quietly. Here Annie also praises Jens’ earrings. Jens is an artist Is what makes him a drawing

(The Women in the Window)On the same night Alister Russell comes home to ask the leader on Jens to go to 101 and ask if anyone from his family came here Annie lies to him that no one came here the next day David takes a box cutter from Annie The one whom Alistar hired was going to put home the goods here when Annie heard the sound of someone screaming from the front house, she looked terrified, Alastair was angry at Ethan, Etan was crying too much. And when Annie calls Etan, he avoids the talk. Alister also avoids Annie’s talk. Annie goes to David and asks if he had heard someone scream, Debit also refuses and comes back crying. It says that her dad had beaten her and Annie assures him to help calm down when needed and it was a domestic crime

But Doctor Landy tells the story to be ignorant. Tonight Annie was watching a French movie by drinking. Now she falls asleep watching the movie. At night her sleep suddenly opens and she is heard again screaming which is 101 Coming home and she sees someone was killing Jane, she had a knife in her stomach and she is dying in agony Annie calls 911 but she tries to go out of the house to save Jem and After getting away from the house, she faints again and the next day they see where Detector Little Detective and Alister were also there and Annie is scared when she sees Alister Detective Lytle saying that there is nothing to be afraid of. Ok there is no murder

Alister’s wife, Jem, comes in front and shakes Annie and gets shocked and Annie gets shocked and confused by seeing her, the other woman who came to my house was the other woman, both of them are lying, then she tells Eetan to ask and she Alistry turns upside down on the police, annihilating Annie that she was spying on her house when Detective Little pacifies everyone and gives her her card, Annie’s condition is known to Anne, but Anne sees her.

She then searches in social media about Alister Russell, she learns about a woman named Pamela who died after falling from the 6th floor in Boston, Anne calls Alister’s office to let her know. It is said that after Elster’s family Pamela’s death, the city was being shifted instead of Anne. She goes to talk to David about it but he was not in the basement. He had run away from parole and was hiding here. David gets angry at seeing Annie in his room.

(The Women in the Window)And then when Annie asks about Alister’s house, he gets angry and goes away, and Annie is very much surprised by this behavior of David, Annie now starts taking photos of Rose Alister’s house which is new here She had jeans. She sees him once and dons the phone. Speaks to shut down Espine, and the next day Annie does not see her cat anywhere and starts looking for her everywhere in the house. The top floor is a guest room. She meets under the bed where she never used to go, only then she has heard the voice of her husband, in which Anne and he were fighting, Anne says that you are confused with drinks and medicine. You have to leave it all and move on, Annie says that I cannot do it, the rest of the people can do it, but I was not here. There was no ad in or on the phone and it was only on his mind, meaning that he was also manifesting the symptoms of agoraphobia.

Where it is common to hear a voice, the next morning, I see Etan and he calls him in the house and says that you do not need to be afraid, I will help you. Ian wanted to say something while crying but at the same time, Ulster was there. He comes and sends her to the bar. He even yells at Annie to stay away from her family. She is a psychiatrist. She knew to read the mind of the people. Now the next day Annie receives an email in which she was sleeping in the timestamp night. At 2:00 pm, Minnings came into her house last night. Anne’s voice was on David because he had the other keys to the house, then called the detachable little and showed the e-mail to Alistar and his friends again from the police. He also implements the charge of harassment on Annie.

(The Women in the Window)At the same time, David was also there. Detective Little asks him the location of his last night, then he says that he was in Connecticut. He gives his proof. Now Annie shares her theory with the police that I am the same on David’s bed. I saw earrings that Jem was wearing and Alister was fired from her PA’s death job. It’s all over. You don’t believe me but my family believes that Annie was emotionally charged Upon which Detective Lytle says that your family is dead, after hearing this, Annie gets another panic attack, we are shown this flashback which was going on in her mind, we see Annie with her husband daughter Libya They were not happy at all when they were going in the car to spend the Christmas holidays and they found Anne’s affair. They wanted a divorce. The two start quarreling in the car where the car’s accident becomes Ed and Libya killed. Go to

Injured Annie calls 911 crying and that is why her agro phobia started. Her brain did not accept this thing. She feels that her family is still alive. For the first time in these 10 months, her symptoms clearly clear. It appears that at the beginning of the film, one was talking to her daughter on the phone, she was an illusion and she was sorry to all that she felt that it was an illusion to see her Jane, like the voice of Like and Little Little Annie In kindness to her, she makes her appointment with Doctor Lendy. Annie admits to Doctor Lendy for the first time that she is doing a heavy drink. The medicine does not take well. She needed a wake-up call and yesterday’s incumbent was the same Doctor Lendy. Announces the timing of Sesanche three times a day, packing his belongings and going from there Annie makes a video


(The Women in the Window)Which was his last wish, he starts seeing his family’s photo on his mobile one last time at night. He gets a photo which he took out in front of Jain, where Jain’s image is seen on the glass of glass in front. Was and when they enlarge this photo on the laptop, then their face is clearly visible, it was real and this makes Annie very scared, going to panic, calling David and showing the image David tells her and tells the truth. That her real name is Katrin she spent a night with him and she is Eitan’s mother and she was away from Alister when she was pregnant for 8 months. Alister has a match after 2 years at the Rehab Center and Alister is her daughter. Kept him with him and sent him to jail. Alister is running away from Jadin till Jind.

Final Boston was found out, so there are all the things that Katherin had said to David. If she seems fond, she says that I have seen her bleeding, she tells David to go to the police again. David’s interest was not there and he starts carrying his belongings. After a while Annie is heard hearing David scream, there was Etan there. Etan had a weapon in his hand. He attacked David inside Etan. He had the symptoms of a serial killer, he tells Annie that from the first day I was looking at you and I was watching you and

(The Women in the Window)I have emailed the photo to you and I have seen your video. Actually, my plan was not to kill you but to watch you live suicide but you have come to know about this, then I cannot leave you. That she murdered Katie and not Alister. She was not a responsive mother. Anne starts convincing Etan to psychologize and pretend in front of you that you have to see this life, then see it, then she drank drugs by drinking alcohol, and then when Etan When he comes near her, she starts to run away after attacking him with a bottle and falls on David’s blood while running. David was not dead but was dying slowly. He now stops Eitan and gives Annie a chance to escape. Etan kills him lastly

Now Annie comes out of the house for the first time in 10 months, Etan comes chasing her, the mind gives a different reaction to the panic, so even after going out of the house, Annie was normal, then Etan and Annie fight and Annie is over Now the next day we see Annie in the hospital where the detective tells little Annie to be sorry, she also asks to delete all her videos, Alister today arrests her friend in a crime of hiding her murder. They believe in their crime and they both hid the captain’s body here, that is, all the things were happening at Annie’s house. I started thinking like this but Alistair and Briel John were trying to save Anne and they knew that Eitan is a serial killer and this is where the film ends.

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