Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat (2021 film) Movie Review. Movie Story


Lewis tan (cole young)
Jessica McNamee (Sonya)
Josh Lawson (Kano)
Joe Taslim (Bi Han)
Mehcad Brooks (Jax)
Hiroyuki Sanada (Hanzo Hashashi)

Movie introduction

In the movie, the defenders of mankind save the human world by fighting Enemy’s of the outside world, but for this, they have to sacrifice a lot, the majority of the movie has a fighting scene and the fighting is a very high level which makes the movie more interesting. Although the fighting of Cole playing the main in the movie is not so good.

Movie story

The movie begins with Hanzo Hashashi, who lives in thick forests with two sons and a wife, but one day reaches Bi Han, who is the Enemy of the outside world, and his work on the human world by killing the defenders of the human world. The secret is to rule, so Hanzo arrives at the house and attacks him, but Hanzo’s wife hides her young son in a box before the attack.

Bi Han sneaks into the house and kills one of Hanzo’s children and his wife, Bi Han has extraordinary powers. He could produce ice with his hand and freeze and kill people in the same ice. But he does not get Hanzo’s second son, only when Bi Han meets Hanzo and gets a good fight between the two, but eventually, Hanzo loses, and he dies and he escapes.

Bi Han thinks that no part of Hanzo is left on earth anymore and he goes away only when Lord comes there and takes away that little child, Lord is the one who supports the good in this battle, but the War cannot be done by itself.

A few years later the new storyline is shown in the movie, in the movie, there is a sudden fight between two fighters in which a person loses the match named Cole young who also has a dragon mark on his chest Cole is the younger son of Hanzo But he does not know anything about it. After losing the match Cole comes to a person named Jax and he praises Cole even after Cole has lost the match Jax also has a dragon mark on his hand. Cole moves from there to a restaurant with his family.

Jax also chases him when Bi Han arrives there, his job was to kill the dragons, Bi Han attacks the restaurant with the help of ice when Jax brings the car, and Cole and his family Runs away and tells the whole story when Bi Han suddenly comes in front of the car, Jax says that I will fight with it and you run away from here and tells Cole an address and tells Sonia to go Get together

Jax and Bi Han fight; Bi Han cuts off both of Jax’s hands, Cole leaves his family safely, goes to meet Sonia, Cole meets Sonya, Sonya tells that as many people on this earth Are those whose mark of the dragon is somewhere in the body part, they are made to protect mankind and they have to fight with Enemy coming from the outside world but for this, we have to find the temple was to fight.

Sonia holds a person hostage who was a thief from Pesce, whose name is Kano, in reality, he is a black dragon, but he does not even know about his powers, Kano says that he can reach you to that temple. Sonya, Kano, and Cole then head to the temple, on the way they find a man named Liu Kang. He is the only member of the temple. He takes them to the temple, where the three meet Jax, Jax’s Both hands were replaced with an iron hand.

Liu Kang’s brother Kung Lao also lives in the temple, and together these six people have to face the Enemy of the outside world, but they are not fully prepared and everyone starts training, Cole is quite involved during training. Kills but is unable to reveal the power that his father Hanzo possesses. Lord tells Cole everything and says to recognize his powers but Cole fails, Lord sends him back to his home. Give.

Kano recognizes the power of his Black Dragon, and begins to support the Enemy of the outside world, when all the enemies of the outside world come to Earth, attacking everyone and Cole is at his home as well. Attacked, he kills a lot but at the same time his descendant’s power comes in, and he reaches to save his friends by killing the man, but by then Kung Lao is killed. Cole meets all his companions and tells Lord to invite the enemy to battle.


There is a war between the human guards and the outside world and all the enemies are killed, but Bi Han does not fight. He approaches Cole’s daughter and wife and freezes them with ice, Cole goes to save them only when Lord tells him A knife is given, which is Hanzo’s knife, Lord, and says that if you use it, Hanzo will help you.

Cole stabs Bi Han once with that knife, when Hanzo reappears, and the two kill Bi Han, Hanzo speaks to Cole on the go saying that this is my piece, take care of it, this movie Comes to an end.

See or not

Mortal Kombat movie is a must-watch if you like to watch fighting scenes, then why should you watch fighting in most parts of the movie You will get it, but if you expect a good story in the movie then you may not get it, because the story has been seen in many movies before, the story of the movie could have been made better if its movie story was a little better.