Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man (2021) Movie Rating and Review

Wrath of Man

⭐⭐⭐ – 4.3/10

Cast :

Jason Statham (H)

Holt macCallany (machine gun)

Jeffrey Donovan (Jackson)

Scott Eastwood (jan)

Andy Garcia (Agent king)

Movie introduction

Wrath of man The title of this movie closely resembles the story of this movie as it tells the story of an eccentric person in this movie. In this, a person does not stop to avenge his son’s death until he is killed, but in the meantime, he has to kill many more people. He also kills people, whom he suspects even a little bit. There seems to be a lot of interest in the 1 hour between the start of the movie, but nothing new is seen in the last 40 minutes of the movie. So maybe a little bored.

Note: In the Movie, we will tell Part 1,2,3 through 2,1,3 to make the story easier to understand.

Movie story

The movie tells the story of a gangster whom everyone calls H, the gang’s job is to loot trucks carrying money in banks. A few days later H was in his house with his son, then he gets a call and he is asked to tell the direction of the truck full of money. The name of that truck company is Fortico. It is an organization that supplies money in millions of dollars to banks in Los Angeles.

H stands around the truck to tell the direction of Fortico. Along with this, his boy also lives. The truck exits the office when a second gang arrives to rob the truck and they loot the truck. and shoots H’s son. they shoot Has well.

The name of the gang’s headman is Jackson and who was shot. His name is Jan. H recognizes Jan well enough to avenge her son’s death after recovering. H recovers and then his wife divorces him because he believed that his son died because of H. H reaching out to his gang men and contacts Agent King. Agent King is the man who used to know all the different gangs in that city.

H asks Agent King a list of how many gangsters there are in the city and he kills everyone to avenge his son’s death, but he does not actually get H’s son’s murderer Jan, then H’s partner says that How many people will we kill? If you do something different then maybe your hands will come

From here a new story begins in H’s life. He presents himself as a new human being. He gets his name Patrick and becomes a government document by that name and gets a job in the same Fortico company he used to rob. He meets a man named Machine gun. He works in a high position at Fortico. Once both of them are going to deposit money in the bank, then they are attacked. He asks for all the money by putting machine guns at gunpoint.

But H is already a very big gangster so he does not pay money. And by killing all the gangsters with his intelligence, he saves the machine gun. The only purpose of working in Fortico is to find and kill his son’s killer

A few months later, a day comes that is called Black Friday and a lot of money was going to be collected in banks that day. Jackson learns that a lot of money is going to be collected in the banks. He along with his team members plans to rob the bank. Jackson’s team member is Jan, who has been looking for several days. Eventually, that day was about to come.

When these two meet, Jackson makes his full plan and finally the day comes, everyone is waiting for Black Friday! On that day, everyone is well instructed in the bank and is told that one mistake and all the money will disappear. So everyone has to be alert, H and machine gun leave with a truck full of money. On the way, the machine gun tells the story of his life and says that I like you very much, so I am telling you all this.

The machine gun states that we are two brothers and my brother works in partnership with me. I am at the head post of Fortico and my brother attacks Fortico and loots the money. And does all this in partnership with me. I give him all the information and he loots Fortico and today we are going to rob not just one truck but the whole bank. Our entire game plan is ready and I am telling you all this because you like me and you will not try to stop me when my brother Jackson loots the bank.

H says that but what is my benefit in this? The answer to the machine gun comes that you will be able to see tomorrow. The machine gun takes his truck into a Godown and Jackson and all his boys get inside the truck. The truck brings the machine gun to the bank again. As soon as the truck comes to the bank, all the gangsters come out of the truck and ask everyone to lie on the ground.

All the bank employees lie down, but a main head in the bank starts firing on the gangster. Bullets are fired from both sides. The alarm rings. The Special Task Force takes 8 minutes to reach the bank. But by then the whole game is over. All bank employees are killed. To save them, H fires at the gangster. But H does not die, he is only injured, but only then the machine gun sees it and shoots H. H faints but does not close his eyes completely.

He sees the machine gun ganging up with the gangster and running away with the money. And he saw that the person with the machine gun is the killer of his boy. Jackson and his boys were five people in total, killing three. Now Jackson Jain and the machine gun just survive.

Movie Review


The three exit the bank and arrive at their hideout. From there, they have to go all the way through the tunnel. Jackson is shot, due to which he could not walk. Then Jan sees him alone and kills him with a knife. Jan says to Jackson that we are done, we got the money and now you have no business. Then the machine gun arrives and asks what happened to Jackson. In response, Jan says that he was shot and died. Jan and the machine gun reach another safe place via a tunnel.

But as the money is high, the two try to kill each other so that no one has a stake in the money, but Jan succeeds in this and he kills the machine gun. Jan takes all the money and reaches his home. H meets the agent King and asks to take Jan to the house. Agent King brings Jan to the house and leaves H, Jan gets nervous when he sees H and says that you take all the money you want, but H reminds him first how he shot her boy. He then shoots Jan and the movie ends.

See or not

I am giving a review of this movie after watching the movie completely. So I would recommend that you must watch this movie. The story of this movie is quite good and a little mystery is also seen, but the movie could have been made better because the movie has action in the last 30 minutes, but very simple ways from H, Jan who is playing the lead in the movie. Se Badl completed, which makes the movie lighter in the last 30 minutes.

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