The soul

‘The Soul’ (Ji hun). Netflix Movie Review 2021: Movie Story



⭐⭐⭐ – 5/10

Liang Wenchao (Chang Chen)

A Bao (Janine Chang)

Li Yan (Sun Anke)

Note: In reviewing this movie, I am giving it on my basis after watching the movie completely. That is, there is no possibility of mistake in it.

Movie introduction

The soul This is a movie in which about 4 to 5 topics are made by joining together. Most of the time it is seen that a movie is either comedy, action, love, romance, mystery, it is made on different themes, but this movie is one that has covered four topics simultaneously but there are some topics which have some special Is not important,
These 4 topics have been given importance in this film.

Perhaps before making this movie, it was kept in mind that if the movie is made with four topics, then all kinds of audiences can be attracted.

  • LOVE

The Soul movie begins with Liang Wenchao, the film’s lead role, and his wife A Bao. Both of them work in the same group of CID. Liang Wenchao has cancer and his wife is pregnant. Therefore, both of them come to the hospital. Then suddenly news is coming on the news channel that the murder of the biggest industrialist of the country takes place in his house and there is a stir in the whole country. Both arrive at their office and start investigating.

When the industrialist’s maid and her wife are questioned, it is revealed that this is her second wife and the first wife, who commits suicide due to lack of coordination with her husband, and she had a son who is with his father. Kills the industrialist to avenge his mother. This story was told by the second wife of the industrialist who was not true. The real story starts from here. Initially, both the industrialist and his friend create work and both have a crush on their secretary but are married to the same industrialist.

Everything goes well for a few years. Then one day the secretary who had become the wife of the industrialist, committed suicide and it had a profound effect on the industrialist and she got a shock in the brain. Due to which his mind stopped working, his friend decided that we will do such an experiment in medical science so that a person’s brain can be removed and he can be repaired in a few months and put back into it. But for this another person whose mind can be kept in him for a few days.

The industrialist’s friend approved his girlfriend to do the job, but it turned out to be dangerous. In this film, this girl plays the role of the main villain, named Li Yan. And that industrialist has married again to that girl. It thinks that if I kill this industrialist, then I will become the mistress of all wealth. So he played a game. There is no truth to the soul in this movie. Here work has been done by convincing the superstition of the soul. Li Yan convinces the industrialist’s first wife’s boy that his mother’s soul is in him and she tells him to go and kill his mother’s murderer.

The boy gets on his instigation. He realizes that his mother’s soul is really inside the woman and he goes and kills his father. But he does not die completely. Leaving the injured, he runs away. After this, Li Yan, the second wife of the industrialist who instigated the child, goes to death of the industrialist completely. And speaks some things which are recorded on the phone. The recording is found by the officer of both these CIDs but the one who was Liang Wenchao becomes ill due to cancer and his wife makes a deal to save him.

She meets a friend of the industrialist and says that if you save my husband, I will delete this recording and it happens. Her husband’s condition improves and she deletes the recording. Liang Wenchao‘s condition improves and when he comes to work, he learns that the evidence has been tampered with. He shouts at his wife and tells me that I will never back down from my principles even if it costs her in the form of death. He again collects all the evidence and goes to court. On the basis of that evidence, Li Yan is sentenced and Liang Wenchao also dies due to cancer a few days later.

After her death, her wife becomes alone in the house, after which she feels that the evidence they had hidden during the investigation should be punished, so she tells the court, Due to which the court also sentenced them and both people associated with a case inside the same jail were serving the sentence, the one who was the culprit, and the one who was investigating, this is the last scene of the movie.

See why

You should watch this movie because in this movie you will get four to five topics in the same movie and the story is quite spectacular. This movie is not so scary. Yes, but there is some horror scene.

Why not see

If you like to watch a movie on any one theme or topic, then you rarely like this movie and while watching this movie, it is proving difficult to understand even a little.

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