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Greenland movies Review 2020.


⭐⭐⭐ – 7.2/10

Movie Introductions

Greenland is a disaster movie depicting the destruction of the Earth. The movie is currently fictional, but the future is conceived by combining the causes and consequences of the present.

Movie story

John Garrity (Gerard Butler) as the lead character of the film is an architect and lives in Georgia, and the two live separately due to the lack of a good relationship with his wife Allison Garrity (Morena Baccarin). Meanwhile, his boy Nathan (Roger dale Floyd) had a birthday party. He goes to his house and comports despite not having a good relationship with his wife. Nathan is quite happy to see his father and tells about the Comet currently seen on the news channel.

That comet was being called Clarke and he was being told that he would pass very close to the earth, but it was also reported in the news that it would not have much impact on the earth. So he does not take it as a concern and he goes to the shopping mall for the birthday party the other day, and there he sees a lot of military jets, and he ignores all this and only then a message comes on his mobile. 

In that massage, it was reported that he and his wife had to go to a military camp where they would be taken to a safe place. But he was being taken to this military camp not to suffer from any kind of disease, but because John needed insulin.

That is why he and his wife are thrown out, and at the same time more public outcry creates panic and the firing of the military ignites the plane. Alison runs to her car with her son Nathan and writes a note on that car, stating that she is going to her father’s house, and leaves. After some time John also comes there and is very emotional after reading the note that, his family is alive.


See why

In this movie, it is tried to tell that, no one can save you from the time when nature falls. So work without harming nature

Why not see it

The extreme part of this movie is related to a fictional one, and all the coincidences in it have been linked to the same person, which is probably not possible in real life.

Credit: Greenland